guy i met online has trust issues?

i met this guy online and we have been involved for months now we have fallen head over heels even planning a meeting in september the only problem is that he has trust issues he also doesnt take my feelings into consideration about what he says and does towards me.this guy i have been communicating with i am not so sure about and here is why is a dr jekyll and mr hyde he is one moment ok the next not.i have heard his sudden outbursts on several occassions he has been one minute i love you the next putting me down then saying he is jokingi have tried to end things but he comes back after like 3 hours begging me back.
he is so wishy washy it isnt even funny.he maybe joking but words hurt.he claims in order to be with him i have to put up with his issues which i do not find fair.says that he wants to marry me but i strongly doubt that will happen.he has me on this emotional rollercoaster no matter how much i have tried talking to him and supporting him he still continues any advice?

He doesn’t have a car. He doesn’t have his own place. He doesn’t have money. He lives with his mom. He doesn’t have a job.

Why would you want to marry a loser, cyber-space, porn-addicted, chat freak in the first place? Of course he has trust issues since all of a sudden you have a car. That means you can’t go drive up to him and have sex with him!

I’m sorry, but only YOU decide what issues you want to put up with. He does NOT decide that for you. Time to dump this cyber loser and let him continue sucking on his mothers milk producers while looking up porn.

It sounds fishy… meet someone in person. Tell him to get lost! You deserve better

ive had the same exact problem.

block him, delete him off myspace or whatever.

dont get involved, he seems dangerous

get rid of him. trust issues aren’t good for relationships

just get another


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