Germany during World War 2.?

I’m trying to gather information about the separation of east and west Germany and World war 2. I have a list of things I’d like to know.

-How did the war begin?
-Major events of the war?
-How did Germany become divided?
-What were some of the consequences of the division?
-How long was the country divided?
-What brought about the reunification?
-How and why did this happen?
-What is the attitude in Germany today about the reunification?
-Who benefited?


1. Germany invaded Poland September 1 1939 and France and Britain declared war on germany
2. Gemany victory in Europe, German invasion of Soviet Union, Japs attack Pearl Harbor, Germany declares war on USA 1941, Battle of Midway, Battle of el Alamein, Battle of Stalingrad. Normandy invasion Defeat of Germany, Defeat of Japan.
3.Germany divided by agreement between USSR, USA, Britain and France, later just into East and West Germany.
4. until 1990
5. the fall of Communism
6. USSR was bankrupt due to war in Afghanistan and the arms race.
7. Pleased.
8. All the people of Europe.

You must realize that there are entire libraries devoted to thes questions. I suggest starting with the search &quot:wiki germany&quot: which will give you the dates and history in broad terms.

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to read Winston Churchill’s 6-volume memoir of WWII.

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