German Shepard 1 yr old?

I rescued a german shepard puppy, from the street. When I took her in, she was sick. I took her to the vet, she had parvo. I spent 1200 dollars and she was there a week. When she got back, she was fine. She is now over 1 yr old and is super active. she has thrashed my back yard, holes, ripped patio furniture, I mean destroyed everything. I love her to death, but am losing my patience. She goes to the dog park and lays in mud. Anyone with a pool, she jumps in. Part of me wants to give her away, but after spending 1200 dollars, I feel obligated to raise her.

Make sure you give her a job. Don’t forget that dogs are bred for specific purposes. Germas shepherds are a working breed. Get or make a back pack for your dog for when you go on walks. The dog can carry its own supplies (water, clean up items etc.) (I have one for my Bull Mastiff and it is great, It also tires them out quicker. An added bonus for you) The dog is just frustrated and acting out. Definitely take training clesses, They will help you be a better pet owner as well as having more control over your pet.

When you took the dog in, it was your responsibility to train her, as well as treat her illness. Find a dog obedience class in your area and take her to it. You have to be firm and consistent, or else she will continue her unacceptable, destructive behavior.

She is bored and needs something appropriate to play with…

Mine will dig from time to time as well…I dont think I have ever seen a dog that WONT dig a good sized hole…

Sounds like she is costing you more than $1200 if she is that destructive….training sometimes helps.

don’t give her away, she loves you! she is like marly!

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