Does a person have to take the SATS all over again if they are transfering colleges?

i want to transfer from a 2 year community college to a 4 year college. i took the sats in high school but i dont know where my score paper is so i really dont remember what i got. will i need to take it again?

No. Once you have gotten into a university or college, they generally will look at your grades and GPA for whatever semesters you attended at the previous institution.
So, just your transcript should suffice.

There are two answers to this question:

NO- the 4 year college should accept your transcript from the community college. If you took the SAT, then your score will be part of that documentation.

YES- if the college you are entering has admission standards, and those involve the scores of your SAT, then scholarships and money for college could be riding on those scores. Sometimes where you enter and how you enter determines what majors you could be accepted into, and so based on circumstances, retaking the SAT could only benefit you. Check with the admissions department and ask them what the benefits of retaking the SAT would be. They would tell you if they rely on those scores to admit to majors or get first choice of classes. Also, the financial aid office might tell you what aid money is tied to SAT scores.

No u do not.

Depending on your school, they might or might not require transcripts from ETS (Educational Testing Service) for your SAT’s or SATII.

Your official college transcript has your SAT on it if u provided it to your school. Ask your transcript office if your SAT score is on file.

Third…as a transfer student…SAT’s aren’t evaluated. Go to the school u are looking at attending and look up transfer students. Even online it usually says what the criteria is and how they score u- g.p.a, community service, etc.

good luck!

I didn’t when I switched from 4 year to 4 year. Just go on the college board website, or whatever website is affiliated with the SATs, and ask them to report your scores to the school you’re applying to.

no. I’m sure the file is on record somewhere. Maybe ask the school you’re attending for the scores. If anything it should say on your HS transcript what your scores were.

no, you will enroll as a transfer student, the only thing that you need is your current college transcript to be sent to your four year college.

no i never even took the SAT tests and i’m in college

They should have your score on file somewhere. You won’t need to take it again.

no you don’t but checkup on the school you want to transfer to first.


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