Do you star a lot of questions?

or just important ones..
I star a lot of questions, lol

I do star lots of questions. Specially yours because you’re so beautiful.

Yes…but at times I forget to do it.

No, stars are given if the question is found interesting. But then again, I find a lot of questions interesting, lol

Well, there’s one for you!

Not really. Only if it’s REALLY interesting!!

why would i do that what is a star for anyway

Just the one’s I find really interesting.

No but this question definitely deserves a big asss star 🙂 xxxx

I star questions that WOW me. That are clever or make a good point.
I don’t come across those often so, no I don’t star a lot.

only by accident

I star a lot ha ha I am so sure I am annoying my contacts by now o:)

No. I’ve hardly worried about questions besides my own.

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