Do you ever wonder if your contacts….?

go back and read your answers?

lol…Chocolate I read you and Nita’s answers all the time. I’m not a stalker, just interested in what you have to say. =]

I take them off at night. Sometimes, when I find out they are too new or defective, I toss them.

I know that some do because they will ask me something about it or make a joke of it

LOL! Well, with you I try hard to do so, but even I have to work to do sometimes.

I’m here about the &quot:eye wrangler&quot: job

yes absolutely… cause i do it sometimes, its interesting to see what they have to say. and their points of views on things.

They better if they know what’s good for em.

I have no contacts ..

yes i do wonder


i know those stalking ho~mos do

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