Do you believe in Zodiac Sign ?

I never believe in such things until i read about my zodiac sign.My zodiac sign is Sagittarius and i love a boy who’s zodiac sign is Scorpio.After reading the compatibility of Sagittarius and Scorpio,i was disappointed because Sagittarius and Scorpio is not compatible.I love him so much and cannot live without him but at the same time i don’t want to give up my freedom.What should i do now ?

Zodiac is not total bs… It guides you, tells you what your weaknesses are, so that you are aware of your strengths and weakness… But hey that’s it… It ends there… That’s the beauty of it… Zodiac helps us infact to know ourselves to some level… But it should not stop you from making life changing decisions… Now you know what you have to compromise and what he would have to undertand if you are to stay together… Now the decision rests on you… Now if you look at it as if it actually is helping you by informing you about the problems you could have… But again you control yourself and you would know when you do anything wrong that’s the beauty of it… But leaving important decisions to zodiac is simply not wise…

Well, zodiac signs is purely entertaining only. It is like Rush Limbaugh squawking too much on radio but just to get into rating. All you do is to read, feel comfortable, but do not expect that what these zodiac signs say will come true. You might be dissolusioned to find out that either nothing may happen or an opposite will do. Trust the Lord on your own destiny, as it is a mystery which you don’t even know or understand.

Absolutely. It has given me ultimate realization of the cosmos, and the world around me. Astrology is the underlying tone of EVERY religion (yes, including Christianity), and the Ancient Egyptians, and Aztecs relied on it. Why does the whole world think the world is &quot:coming to an end&quot: in 2012, unless they believe in astrology? It has to do with astrology.
Also, I am a Sagittarius that is very compatible with Scorpios. You must look up your whole birth chart.

AND I REPEAT- IT IS NOT **** THAT SOME RANDOM PERSON MADE UP. It was a way of life for the ancients.

There’s no reason to believe that just because the zodiac chart says you aren’t compatible with a loved one means that you aren’t! Everyone is different. Not every star sign sums a person up EXACTLY based on their birthday. To take it that literally is just stupid. Take what applies to you and that person and file it away in your mind as something to look out for, not something that should keep you apart.

I believe in zodiac signs to a degree. I think that it’s not always right about who’s compatible and who’s not, because I think compatibility really settles on who the person is, not the sign. If you love this Scorpio guy, then go for it! Don’t let your zodiac signs stop you.

I believe them, they are quite fun.

My parents are Libra and Cancer (bad match) and they have a lot of marriage problems, but love each other nonetheless, but you shouldn’t hesitate over sign matches. It’s true things might get abit difficult but if you love eachother everything will balance out. ^ _ ^

I’m a Leo and currently in a relationship with a Gemini(Good match). She is so amazing, and keeps things interesting. 🙂

i will suggest you to believe zodiacs and horoscopes, don’t get so confused but do believe it, he will attract you in the beginning but later on you both will not be compatible, so take time to have a decision.. you both are introvert zodiacs, i can probably say you don’t know each other till now.. take time know each other.. and take decisions later on.

No, That’s just s.th. someone made up, for whatever reason. Don’t believe in such nonsence. It’s fun to read though, but don’t take it serious.

i dont believe on them too cause my horoscopes never come out true i would say that if you love him truely then keep loving him nothing will happen but it depends on you what you do i hope it helped 🙂

I believe in them.

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