Do you agree with Barack Obama that Hillary is trying to &quot:hoodwink&quot: the voters?

Hillary’s latest act of desperation is to lie about how she will make Obama her running mate if we the voter cast our ballots for her. Do you believe Hillary?
Is this an act of desperation?
Would you vote for someone who would go to such lenghts?

I am sick and tired of the rantings of that stupid woman


And Hussein Obama is trying to &quot:hornswaggle&quot: the voters

no i believe that i believe this is a race for the white house and both parties are doing and saying anything they can to win

yes hillary clinton is the one who running a fairy tale campaign for the presidency .

They both suck. Sad state of the nation when there is absolutely no one worth voting for. Does not bode well for our future.

Yes, I do. He is in the lead for heaven’s sake, and she is hinting that she would want him as her running mate. What?!?

No, I would rather not vote for her, but will if I have to.

BTW: &quot:They Both&quot: are not mudslinging. That is Hillary, folks. Obama is merely trying to defend himself against her smear tactics.

The Clinton’s have done that throughout their life.!~!

My name is Obama whoa is me boo hoo :~(

ok yes no doubt….just like the obama llama.

obama is an idiot. and no I don’t agree

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