can i get into a good college?

i’m in highschool and i just got my psat scores back and i got a 1530 n idk if that’s good cuz this is my 1st time takin them. my gpa is a bit over 3.9 and i’m rank 9 in my grade, so if i really try hard n get staright A’s from now until senior year, can i make it to a good college? p.s. i’m kinda hopin for notre dame …..n i do community service n m in a few clubs

1539 out of 2400 is not very good and not good enough for Notre Dame which typically wants 2000+. I would suggest trying to up your score or simply apply to some top ranked colleges that have recently made the SAT optional like College of the Holy Cross (outside Boston), Bowdoin in Maine, Wake Forest in NC. Holy Cross is the oldest Catholic college in New England and its campus is on the top ten list of most beautiful campuses in the nation per 2009 Princeton Review.

Congratulations! I went to the college of California, Davis (style of 2003). important strategies have been beginning my eyes to connections between the countless disciplines i became analyzing. As you progression by using your familiar education standards (i.e., decrease branch classes outdoors your important element of study), you is often conscious some commonalities, comparable veins of theory, and one consistent that i will by no ability overlook: each and every thing you study includes a study of background, be it normally or the specific background of the project handy. The greater you may have fun with how your important fits into the better photograph of human background, the greater relaxing and enriching your college adventure would be. Have an excellent time, and greater of success to you!

Of course you can your GPA is high. most colleges require 3.0 and higher but if you want to get in a better school get into one that requires 3.5 and higher.

BTW you have a good PAST score
and try getting silver cord for community service (you get it when you have more than 250 community hours)
Colleges will like that your involed in your school

Is it the SAT out of 1600? If so then you’re doing really well. You should shoot for about a 30 on your ACT and work on personal essays and getting good teacher recommendations. If you do that, you should be fine. Good luck!

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