Are African Americans brainwashed by the media?

I realized that we tend to say things that make no sense such as

‘You have good skin’
‘You have good hair’
‘Im mixed with Cherokee’
‘I want my child to have good hair’
‘I need a perm’

To some African Americans this may be seem like a normal convo but to other Africans (who are proud) think that its offensive. Fortunately I never had that mentality since most of my family members are immigrants from the Caribbean and Africa. We are proud of being black so we would never tell someone they have good skin because they are light skinned. What makes light skin good and black skin bad? And seriously, who needs a perm? You dont ‘need’ your hair to be straight, you want your hair to be straight. It just gets me upset when I see a black women act like nappy hair is bad.

The reason I asked this question was because one of my frinds told me she wants her daughter to have good hair so she wont marry a nappy haired man. So I am guessing she considers good hair to be straight hair. Thats really sad

What do you think causes people to think that they are inferior?
I think the cause of it is the media. I visited Jamaica once and mostly all black families are proud of being black. I hardly saw a woman with straightened hair, a few of them had it but the majority had fine dreads. And they looked so beautiful with it so I dont know why we are brainwashed into thinking straight here is good. Only 10% of black females have natural hair in the US: the other 90% either wear weave, use relaxer or wear wigs. What does this say about us, doesn’t it scare you all that we will do anything to make our hair straight? I dont see other races looking for ridiculous ways and inventions to make their hair look like ours, so why do strive to be like them?

This is mainly due to the media in the US. In other countries all they show on TV is African movies, Indian movies, news, and movies that teach certain values. In the US you would hardly ever see an African movie or an Indian movie. Sure we have channels dedicated to news but we also have channels dedicated to BS such as Vh1 and ‘E’. These channels praise white people and make us blacks look bad. Even the news does it. When last have you seen a real African movie on TV? I haven’t seen one in a while, instead I see lots of Hispanic, white and Asian movies. I guess the media doesn’t want us to know anything about Africa…The media SUCKS. Ever realized mostly ALL shows only have one black guy? CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Greys anatomy, House..etc. DO you think this is just a coincidence?

So what do you think about this situation?

As far as having native american or not in your bloodlines, you can only speak for yourself in that part, while african americans share a common heritage and history they still have different genealogies just like anyone else.

And if you don’t like whats on tv and the media then get up off your @$$ and stop typing on Yahoo Q ands A and become a Movie / tv producer and make a change in what you see in everyday life instead of ranting about it. And raise your children to grow up and not put perms in their hair and love themselves for who they are.

Problem solved.

And who said that all blacks think like this?

All skin tone are beautiful dark and light

So, smart one – WHO DID come up with the idea to sell slaves to the white settlers – the Natives Americans? WHO could not only come up with the idea, but be excellent at being the best salesman – YES, another black man. To believe it happened any other way, is ridiculous. We did not jump on a boat with the intent of sailing to Africa to round up people to use as slaves. They knew very little about Africans, and just stepping in to Africa without being invited, would be a fatal mistake for sure. You are beyond rational thought. OF COURSE this is not something blacks will EVER admit to knowing as the truth – that would make them look really bad. BLACKS (they are not African unless they were born there..) have no class because they refuse to step out of their &quot:comfort zone&quot: and try something new and different – heaven forbid. Besides, who wants to be called a race jumper or be criticized for acting in any way &quot:white&quot:. REAL Africans who come here usually do so for the EDUCATION, or because they have a skill and can make money here. REAL Africans do not LIKE black Americans – they consider them an embarrassment to their race.

All Americans are brainwashed.
Natural Black hair is beautiful.
Relaxers usually look like sh*t.
Black people aren’t on TV so much because they only make up like 15% of the population.
People shouldn’t look to the TV for examples of how to live life.
People shouldn’t be begging for TV shows to represent them. Instead they should go to the real world and represent themselves.

The only person who can make me feel inferior is me. Whether my hair is natural or relaxed, it’s my decision. And I don’t need to consult the media, Africa, or the black community when I get ready to get my hair done. Here’s a thought, instead of trying to further divide black American women, by telling them they are brainwashed by white people, and disappointed in who they are (because of their hairstyle of all things) why not just say…&quot:hi there, have a nice day ma’am&quot:, and go on about your business.

Whatever makes you feel validated, I’ll be brainwashed, lol. You have a good evening.

The media brainwashes everyone and they use BET to brainwash African Americans. BET doesn’t even show a variety of African music or movies only AA movies or music. It should be AAET instead of BET.

98% of humanity is influenced and brainwashed by other people, tv, computers, magazines, bus adverts, and everything else you could think of that anyone else invented, thats the truth of it and you cant do anything about it

I’m not reading that, as you’re clearly another basement dwelling dimwit who thinks he’s stumbled upon some amazing realization…

Sorry, I didnt read it all. But straight hair does look better than nappy.

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