1997 Chevy Silverado door won’t open from the inside?

I have a little bit of a problem with my driverside door. It will open no problem from the outside, but from the inside it will not open at all. When I pull on the handle, I can hear something moving by where the latch is at, but no action. Right now I have to roll down the window and open it from the outside handle when I want to get out, which is already getting kinda old. What would I need to do to fix this myself? I’m pretty sure I would have to pull the panel off on the inside but what should I expect to have to do to fix it? Thanks!!

you definately have to take the inside door panel off to see what the problem is and really you can’t tell unless you look inside the door to see whats going on, could be something as simple as a clip has fallen off the handle rod and the rod has come off.

My best bet is that either the linkage broke inside the door or it came undone. The outside handle has a seperate linkage than the inside handle. You need to remove the door panel be sure to use a flat crowbar to remove it or get a door removal tool so you do take off the clips on the panel. Then remove the vapor barreirer or whatever you like to call the plastic lining on the inside the door. Then pull on the handle and trace the linkage to the broken part or the part that has become disconnected if you got any problems with that leave me a message.

The inside handles have a weak point in the handle and over time begin to bend out meaning you do not enough leverage to pull the rod.

I have a 1996 and have replaced the handle 5 times.

Purchase one @ a chevy dealer the correct interior color….about $40.

After you remove the interior trim panel, you need to drill out a set rivet. The handle assembly will slide rearward and come out. You could use a small lag screw to set the new handle, but I recommend riveting it.

Inside door handle clip broken. About two dollars for Chevy.

It is likely the tab on the inner door handle broke off, and the actuating rod fell down. You will probably need a new door handle and a few rivets to install…

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