Will America be expected to liberate England and France when Muslims take them over?

Maybe they can help liberate the USA from hateful people.

Don’t answer me wh do you answer
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your mail. retrea retreckt retraket.
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I’m not holding my breath! The last thing Europe needs right now is US interference. It came very late to World War 1 and wouldn’t have got involved in WW2 in Europe had it not been for Japan bombing Pearl Harbour!
Thanks to you bunch of guys. British soldiers died in the ‘on-going’ Korean War. Australia got involved in Vietnam. The Brits were dragged into Afghanistan and Iraq. Personally I think you can fight your own wars from now on. Shame about BREXIT, because the obvious way to show the US what Europe thinks of it would be to form a joint European organisation which had little to do with the North Atlantic.

two questions in one wording …good for u straight to the point
have the muslims taken over spain yet …not yet ..so your question is premature
will the US have to come in with their f 117 , I presume they have better technology by then
…remember problem solution ..reaction…the blue bloods have everything under control

The &quot:Muslim takeover&quot: is only a delusion you must seek professional mental health services for. Modern psychological therapeutic treatments have come a long way with modern pharmaceutical advances… there’s hope for you. The downside is that these healthcare treatments won’t come to you: YOU must seek the treatments out.

No, dot. As to the second question, you need to clarify who &quot:they&quot: is.

We should all be liberated from prejudices and from mutual hatred. Let the people be what they are as long as they are peaceful.

Oh dear poor little troll seems to think America liberated England in 2 world wars. I wonder if he has ever read a history book, or does he rely on his comics for his information.

Not sure, will not happen fo about 30 years, the U.S is also on their list of countries to dominate.


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