Why do men want to marry poor women from other poor countries?

There are lots of questions here about bringing women from the phillipeens to their countries.

I guess I find it insulting because I was raised by one of these women.

Most people have the wrong concept of foreign marriage. They seem to think it has something to do with control or inability to have someone from this country. The fact is that, at least for me, this beautiful woman has taught me what it is to truely love. It has nothing to do with money or loneliness. As a matter of fact I would rather be alone than to be without her. She has been thru many hardships simply because I am an American. Attacked 2x and thrown out of 3 different residences. She always tells me God has his own timing and no one can tell her whom to love. And believe me I get away with nothing. She also tells me how her beauty outside means nothing because it is the inside that counts. Out of all the woman I have known and loved she has reshaped my image of what a woman should be. She knows what it is not to have as well as to have, believes in family,cherishes this short life on earth and is totally unselfish. I am trying desperately to bring her home.

#1 Western European and American women get fatter easier. #2 they are more materialistic. #3 The hotter they are the worse their sense of entitlement #4 They take their men for granted #5 they spoil their children #6 they tend to have outrageous social agendas. Newsflash Men are lazy, all men! we don’t want to spend outrageous amounts of time and money on a relationship. we will because we love you, but then it goes unappreciated and unrewarded… well that’s when we think that maybe a girl who’s never had anything at all might be different. Maybe a poor girl will appreciate us soooo much that she will WANT to have sex with us in the morning, on lunch break, after dinner, and before bed. That’s why anyway, is it reality… probably not.

Do Men Want To Marry

It’s distasteful. I worry about this because to me, although the financial rewards for the women are pretty clear, the cost could be horrendous. The kind of man who is reduced to buying a bride (and let’s admit that there are many single women here, available and willing) is challenged, either socially or his expectations of what a wife should be are not in keeping with the Western world’s. I remember reading an article in a newspaper which exposed the mail order bride schemes. One woman divorced her husband because she said he wanted a cleaner/sex slave. And is a man totally comfortable with the idea that the woman is not in love with him, but with what he can give her? I suppose as in all arranged marriages, there are positives. But I do think it is sad when anyone is forced to buy a mate.

Because most time men want LOYAL wives and I think a poor woman from poor country can be more and on the otherhand Most of men who marry out of country are some kind of REJECTED men…. in most cases.

i don’t think it has anything to do with control as much as it is all about quality. A lot of women from other countries that live in societies that oppress women find that men from societies that don’t oppress women are seen as angels almost. Also they usually have more character and fundamental qualities that are few and far between to be found in this country. Women are pampered to death in this country, so men don’t have as good of a chance to make it with a woman here than they do with a woman elsewhere…especially when you’ll find women who are much more mature that knows what hardship is, who is grateful, and not a puzzle to please, etc.

My guess your stepmother is a filipino. The question is: Is she a good stepmother? Is she a good wife? If she is, what is the problem that your dad married her? Could you be better off if your dad married someone else? Could you be upset just because she is not white or other race? The thing is not every man wants a woman from poor countries: every man wants to be with a good woman. Just because you dad married one, it doesn’t mean all men are like that. Furthermore, your dad married your stepmother maybe because he found her to be a good woman. I hope that gets you thinking.

maybe b/c they feel that they will have more control over them and maybe they will not leave them. reasons b/c they don’t know anyone or know anything about the country. and maybe they think if they’re poor they wont expect much from him. some women just see it as a way to get out of their country and come to the states.

alot of men marry women like that because they want somone to controll,but there are alot of men who do love them.there are also women out there who marry these men to get out of there country looking for a better life

I’d prefer to marry a multi-millionaire woman from this country … that way she could support me!

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