What is your opinion of weebly for creating a website?

What is your opinion of weebly for creating a website?
Need new application to create new site needing the features weebly offers. Love that it’s free to low cost buthaven’t found anyone yet with personal experience… So if you have used weebly, tell me your opinion. If you prefer another website generator tell me about it. Please include links if possible. Best answer with good reasons explaining why will be chosen. Thank you for your help.

I am a freelance web developer and I never use 3rd party sites to make webpages.

I stick to using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. My projects are mostly written in PHP but it really all depends on what the site is intended for.

Another important thing is to buy high quality web hosting, sites like weebly use very slow webservers and are not meant for high-traffic sites. For almost all of my projects I use CPWebhosting, it has CPanel preinstalled and ready to go so setup is a snap.

I do not actually use Weebly or other free website builder because when you build a free business website through various site builders, you would not have to pay them for your domain name or hosting. However, you will not have your own domain name. That is not really beneficial especially if you want to earn from your site. Besides that, there are hundreds of advertising which will pop out of your site – and that can be pretty irritating for some.

Also, there is a minimal secure transaction once it is free. You would not be able to do certain stuff which is important in business. For instance, these sites do not offer shopping carts. If you are selling something, you would not be able to do that when you build a free business website because transactions would not be made too secure. If you were only advertising something, a free site would suffice.

My friend gave me this guide on how to create a website for only $3 http://tinyurl.com/buildasitefor3bucks. This is a cool way since you need to save.

I have used Weebly, but have found Blinkweb to be easier to work with &amp: yiu can basically create as many free websites as you want.

I have used weebly before and is fine to make very simple pages, only text and images, but I recommend you to use wordpress.com, blog.com. They are also free, with lots of templates to choose from, plugins and many other features that weebly misses (for example traffic statistics for your pages).

You can create complex websites and blogs with lots of pages/articles. Whenever you want to buy for a domain and hosting, you can export all the data from WordPress.com and Blog.com and import on your domain, using WordPress CMS.

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