Question about WIFI in my house..?

So, Im going to need a real genius to help me with this haha. For christmas I got a new computer, and an ipd touch. I also got linksys (which I think is the router) and it hooks up to my computer. BEcause of it, I can use the internet on my ipod anywhere in the house.

I have a second computer, and, since I have wifi in the house, Im so confussed on why it wont let me on the internet. And thats my question. If I have wireless internet, why wont the second computer let me on the internet? I really hope I do not need to buy a piece or anything. Help would be beyond greatly appreciated. THANKS.

Some PCs do have a wireless card. Look behind your PC for an antenna or a jack for one. Maybe the card is just deactivated.

As you can see we woudl need to know if there is already a wireless antenna built into your computer. If it is a laptop or other mobile PC then as a rule there IS wireless built in. (This isnt always the case, or it could be broken.)

What is the Brand and Model of the computer?

If you would like to know how to check yourself hold down the windows key and the pause break key at the same time then…
Windows vista or windows 7? – click on device manager on the left hand side.
Somthing older? (windows xp?) – click on the tab at the top that says hardware, then the button that says device manager.

Once you have your device manager open there should be a listing called network adapters.
If you clikd on the arrow or triangle next to it it should pop up some items underneath that.

If they say anything about wireless then that should mean you have wireless built in already.

Or you can just type out what you see in there under network adapters and we can tell you.


Or if your computer is prebuilt by dell/hp/etc you can check your manual or call the manufaturer and ask them.


If your wireless router is new you may beable to call the manufacturer of the wireless router and have them walk you through checking to see if there is wireles built in. They could then tell you what to buy if it isnt already wireless.


Hope this helps!

Same thing happened to me, but the thing is that it doesn’t matter if you have the Linksys router, if you want to have internet on the computer, either if its by Ethernet or by WiFi, you need to have a internet service provider, after that you can hook up the router to the modem your internet service provider gave you and then you will have internet. If you already have internet service and u cant get it on your other computer, maybe its because it doesn’t have a wireless router on it(it might have one if its a laptop, but if its a desktop computer, then you will need to hook it up to your internet modem). If that still doesn’t work, then you will have to mess around with the internet settings.

I hope i was able to answer your question.

If your computer is a Laptop/Netboox, probably it has builit-in Wireless Network adapter. If not or your other computer is a desktop, you will need a USB/PCMCIA/PCI/PCI-Ex Wireless Network card/adapter. List out your model of the router and your second computer to assist more. Also, almost all laptop/netbook/desktop has Eathernet port, means you can buy an Ethernet cable (RJ45) and connect it between your router and your other computer.

You will have to buy a wireless pci adapter or a cable if you already have a ethernet plug in your 2nd computer.

desktop computers don’t have wifi. you can just buy an ethernet cable, hook it up to your router and then hook the other end into your computer.

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