parents of teens?

would you let your daughter go to a prom afterparty with drinking.

Unfortunately I think it will be difficult to find a party where there is no drinking. Even at a well chaperoned &quot:alcohol free&quot: party, chances are someone will sneak something in. I have two teens and this seems to be a huge epidemic. I do not like it, but this is a reality of the world we live in. We have tried (with success) to have an honest relationship where things are discussed openly. Was your daughter honest that drinking might happen at this party? Honesty on her part is one sign of good judgement. Both my teens have been to parties where alcohol was available and they did not partake. There always seems to be a group of sober kids who have fun just hanging out. My kids expect that I will drive them to and from the party (no sleepovers allowed after – this is where many will try to &quot:get away with it&quot:) and that they will sit and talk about their night for a few minutes upon returning home. (No matter how tired I am!) Use your judgement concerning your daughter’s age and where the party will be held. Good luck and welcome to the gray hair club…

i did this when i was a teen…it was cool but we were lucky as we did not get into any trouble…
now days the kids still like to do fun things and one of them is to act adult and have some drinks…its natural but illegal just the same..in our state anyway..
I would have a hard time justifying teen drinking due to the fact that their has been so many bad things connected with teens drinking.
If there was a chaperon. Then they would also be breaking the law and could be sued in a court of law for allowing underage drinking.
So, the short answer would be no. Do not allow any after party with drinking. This is tough love and you would have to live with your guilt if you let your teenager drink and anything happened to them. You are the adult Act like an adult. Say NO to booze.

Teens that age are testing the boundaries! Just make sure that there ARE some! If your rule has been, NO DRINKING EVER, then stick with that rule. Tell her you will let her go, but that you want to call the parents who will be chaperoning it and talk with them. You may find out that there are NO parents going to be there! Don’t just forbid her to go, but let her know that there will be rules and consequences for breaking the rules! Also, let her know that if her date drinks, she is to call you and you will come a bring her home…NO QUESTIONS ASKED..that night, anyway! Talk about the next day! She needs to know that she is loved and protected, in any case! She has plenty of friends right now…you need to be a parent to her now! You can be friends when she is a little older…and it will be great, and she will appreciate the love you showed to her and will want to be the kind of parent to HER children that you were to her!

i dont know, i have a 13 yr old boy, i guess i would if i was picking him up, and there were adults at the party. but i definately would not let him ride home with other teenagers that were drinking. but i cant understand why there is drinking. its against the law until your 21. so what kind of adults are allowing this to go on?

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I’m a teen I know but I:m quite mature and I’d say, you should for the experience, but make sure you let her know beforehand the risk and bad points in going to the afterparty.
Are you okaye with her drinking? If you are, tell her if she gets drunk she’ll have lost your trust and you’re trusting her to take care of herself and do nothing stupid.
How much DO you trust your daughter? If you believe she will get into any trouble don’t let her go.

Only if she is 21. I wouldn’t like it even then. It would also depend on where it was being held. (Friend’s house with parents home too, maybe. Hotel, no.) Obviously plans would also have to be made so that she wasn’t riding in a car with anyone who had been drinking.

Absolutely NOT. She’s not 21, that’s just begging for trouble. Plus, whoever is hosting the party is breaking the law.

Nope. Not a chance. If something was to happen to her due to drinking you would always feel guilty for allowing this… also you could be held legally accountable for allowing her to be there. Not worth it in my opinion.

I think depending on her age, yes. If she is prom age, then you can’t keep them away from alcohol all their life. I am sure she has been around it by now. You just have to count on the fact that you have taught her to make good decisions by now.

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