My mom caught me &quot:you know&quot: and she grounded me for 2 weeks and now she is arguing with my dad. ?

My mom caught me on in the bathroom, ummm, spanking the monkey and she grounded me for two weeks. Is that fair? Someone told me it’s normal for boys to do this. Also, now my dad is mad and arguing with my mom telling her she is punishing me to harshly and that I shouldnt get ground for this and this is silly and that Im a boy and boys do this. Im not even allowed to play my playstation for two weeks. is this fair? What should I do? I dont want my parents fighting either.

That’s ridiculous. Masturbating is perfectly normal and even healthy. Be confident about the issue. Not sure how old you are but there is absolutely no reason for her to be so disgusted about this. If I were you id let them battle it out .. it won’t lead to a divorce but odds are your dad will win and you’ll end up without punishment free to &quot:spank the monkey&quot: whenever you please 🙂 and if worst comes to worst, talk to your dad … he’s on your side. Good luck, and lock the bathroom door from now on :)!

Your dad and mom have taken this very heavily and rightly so. locate out why your grades have long gone for A+ to C- in a million/2 a twelve months, and fasten the themes. it variety of feels to me like the only way you may get your ‘floor time’ decreased is to tutor some attempt and initiative. One, communicate on your dad and mom and permit all of it out – your hidden document card and each thing. 2, promise which you will paintings extremely problematical at your study from now. 3, save the promise, and get the forged grades and the forged situations lower back. 2 months sounds like an prolonged time for skipping college, yet all of us’s attempting to get your coaching lower back on course, and you will possibly desire to co-perform. coaching is extremely, mandatory. greater important than perhaps the rest (different than kin). definite, it extremely is greater important than soccer too. omit a international Cup game if it capability an A+ interior the subsequent examination. For in case you do extremely nicely at study and omit a international Cup game now, your destiny would be set and you will watch all the footy video games you go with for, it extremely is greater useful than screwing up your study now and slogging something of your existence to place issues jointly. Your dad and mom basically choose for their daughter to do nicely in study like she used to.

I agree with Curious Kid. It’s fair. Not because you masturbated, most men (and quite a few women!) do. But, you should have had enough respect for the fact that your mom could walk in on you to at least lock the door. You should have waited until she was not in the same house. Maybe your mom is being unrealistic in not seeing that it’s normal but it’s not unrealistic to expect you to show her respect. Perhaps, next time, you’ll show the respect you didn’t show this time. 🙂

God bless you.

Spanking the monkey? lol

Your Mum is way over reacting, a lot of guys do this and you were doing it in the bathroom, it’s not like you were doing it in the lounge room when guests were over.

Weren’t you embarrassed when she saw you? I’m guessing it would have been pretty embarrassing!

The U.S. porn industry grosses $97 billion a year. If U.S. porn was a country it would rank 71st in world behind # 70 Sudan in Gross Domestic Product. US porn divided by US population is near $5,600 per person. So I really doubt you are the only one masturbating! I’ve been married and I would guarantee pops is jacking off and probably mom too (married people dont have much sex). She is probably punishing you in part of her own shame of vigorous masturbation she does and is ashamed of the fact she and pops must resort to pleasuring themselves instead of each other!

Yes.. it’s fair. Next time spank the monkey when you’re home alone, or at least lock the door.
It’s inappropriate to spank the monkey while your mother is in the house imo. That’s why you’re grounded.

Of course that’s unfair!
Only religious nuts are stupid enough to think that such a natural thing is wrong.
What is masturbation but sex with someone you love? (to paraphrase Woody Allen)
Is sex wrong? Of course not: it’s vital to our survival as a species.
Masturbation is perfectly normal and punishment is entirely the wrong message.
I agree with other answers that maybe you mum is embarrassed and didn’t know what else to do.

Let them get it out of their system. You Mum is probably as embarrassed as you are so she just reacted quickly. Ideally you should get a lock for your bathroom door though.

Whilst they’re arguing, ask your mum if she has ever ‘flicked the bean’. Then say &quot:ye without sin cast the first stone&quot:. Then run out of the room, jump up and perform a power punch because my friend, you have just won.

Its totally normal to &quot:Spank the Money&quot:! Your mom needs to know that its YOUR MONKEY YOU ARE SPANKING NOT HERS. ummmmmm…i would hate to have her as a mother!

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