if my puppy is about four months old how old is he in dog years?

hes a pure bred yellow lab and hes about four months old im not shure how old he is in dog years

Dog years equal seven human years. If your puppy is four months old, then in human years it’s about 1 year &amp: 9 months.

7 years for one human life , I have a 17yr.old Yorkie Poo so that makes her 119 years old, she is blind but otherwise she gets around and jumps around real good and good health. Some people say put her to sleep that would be to me like if a person goes blind kill them, no way as long as she is happy and healthy.

1 dog year = 7 human years
.04 dog years = .04/7 is about 2.8 years

around 4 years old.

About 2.75…….for every human year, that is 7 dog years.

the formula to figure that out is

29(X+123)-PUPPYS AGE

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