I really hate being Somali, help?

Where do I begin… I hate how some stupid freshie Somalis will be like ‘We are not black and that we are arabs’ that gets on my nerves because we ARE BLACK. I love being black, but unfortunately it makes me sad how some black people and white people think we’re not black and that we are arabs. Somalia is a laughing stock, the country is a joke to the whole world. I hate Al Shabaab and how uncivilised Somalis can be like. I don’t wear a headscarf just because people will automatically know I’m Somali, which I hate.

Majority of the people in London hates Somalis because of how they are everywhere and how they take benefits, but both of my parents work and we don’t take any benefits, just because some lazy Somalis take it doesn’t mean we all do.

I’m so embarrassed to be a Somali, I don’t have any Somali friends all my friends are English, Jamaican, Mixed race, Nigerian, etc… I hate how all the Somali guys look at me and give me this death stare just because I don’t have any Somali friends and how I am hanging around with Non Somali boys.

I find Somali guys really unattractive, they think they are so hot but they’re so fugly and I will never ever marry a Somali guy, I’m scared that no other ethnicity would want to marry me because I’m Somali just because they are the most hated in London.

I also hate how Somali girls are such attention seekers, I’m glad I’ve never made any Somali friends. I don’t think we would have anything in common plus I can’t even speak Somali, I can say a few words like easy words but I can understand if someone talks to me in Somali but I won’t be able to reply back. There’s no point in learning the language since it comes in no use since I won’t be marrying a Somali or don’t have any Somali friends, plus both of my parents understand English.

I also hate how Somalis look down on other blacks and think that they are superior it’s like shut up there’s nothing to be Superior about.

I wish I was white or from the Caribbeans or from West Africa in that way I would have a lot of things to be proud off. I honestly don’t know what to do, I hate being Somali with a passion, I always cry to myself and dream about being a different ethnicity.

I sometimes even lie that I’m Ethiopian just to avoid Somali people from talking to me, I also hate when people ask me what ethnicity I am, I get so embarrassed because I don’t want to say I’m Somali. Plus I really hate my name since it’s Somali and my last name is Abdi which is even worse. FML.

I don’t want any crap from Somalis saying be proud of yourself that you’re Somali because there’s nothing to be proud of and don’t try to change my mind and make me reconsider marrying a Somali because ‘Eww’ that will never happen.

LOL Well hello there im another somali sister. First of all let me just say i am also somali and a FEMALE. I kind of understand what you mean. First i dont live in london but in the USA and where i live there’s alot of somalis, yes u’ve guessed it i live in minnesota. Second, the last few years i started learning about the somali culture and i have started to teach myself how to read the somali language and how to speak it properly. When i started learning our culture and history i felt proud to be somali because our history is filled with people with a strong sense of self, who are religious but not to the point of alshabab, people who wont allow others to tell them what to do. Our history is also filled with stubborn war loving people and thousands of years later we still havent changed, just look at the state of somalia today. Although this is a negative, it also have some positive to it. Back during colonial times we saw african country after african country being colonized, somalia is one of few countries that have actually fought back. We saw westerns a threat to our religion because they would try to convert our young, a threat to our language because they made us speak their own language, a threat to our culture and our way of life. Look at us after colonization, we were LITERALLY one of the few countries that held on to our language, our religion, our &quot:cultural&quot: clothing, our norms, etc. Im not trying to lecture you but i think you should give us a chance. I was like you but only worst, i went to a all somali school, had all somali friends, bought our family’s food from somali shops, went to a all somali mosque and YET i still didnt feel like i fit in. My parents want me to be a doctor lol i am studying environmental law and i want to work with animals. I want to go back to africa and petition a land that is a safe haven for animals, like elephants, lions, zebras where they can roam freely, kind of like the african safarie that exists in kenya.

I guess what i am trying to say is you need space to develope a chance to grow and to find our what YOU want to be and do with your life. Right know you are being pressured into conforming but you really dont need to.

&quot:I also hate how Somali girls are such attention seekers, I’m glad I’ve never made any Somali friends&quot: – well i went to a school with somali girls and i know what u mean. I have a few somali friends now, and the ones i do have is the people I CHOSE to be around. The majority of my somali female friends were either alshabab lovers, niqab wearing, dugsi going, wife-aspiring chicks, or they were back biting bi.t.c.h.e.s. who loved to gossip. But you find these kind of people in all ethnic groups and races, i finally found somali girls who were like me, who cared about the enviroment, who love to hike and go on hot air balloon rides during the weekends, and rock climbing and who have intellectual debates and who dont gossip behind your back and who arent superficial.

&quot:I find Somali guys really unattractive&quot: u could date and marry whoever you like as long as they are muslim, its what our religion teaches us.

&quot:I also hate how Somalis look down on other blacks and think that they are superior it’s like shut up there’s nothing to be Superior about. &quot: Not only that but we call them racist names like garaar and stuff, its disgusting. Its time for us to be educated and that starts with school where they teach you what is politically correct and why islam doesn’t allow it. Somalis wont take anything useless you address it from a religious point of view.

&quot:I hate how all the Somali guys look at me and give me this death stare just because I don’t have any Somali friends and how I am hanging around with Non Somali boys.&quot: we somalis are judgmental people, i say eff those boys because at the end of the day all they can do is stare, they cant do anything to you.

Somalis are either too proudly ignorant or too proudly delusional to admit that they are the most hated, savage of all man kind. I mean Somalis are just so blatantly ignorant it is unbelievable and coming to civilized societies haven’t civilized them the least bit. They continue to rape, murder, steal benefits and pop children by the half dozen, for you geniuses that means 6 children per family.

They continue to practice a religion that is from 7th century in a 21st century modern world and have a culture that predates that fossil religion.

WAKE UP!! u FUCKIN imbeciles, stop marrying one another, get out of this fossil religion from the 7th century and get out of your clan based dinosaur aged culture.

NO ONE likes you guys, and i mean NOBODY!!! Even the most polite of people will smile to your face and talk about how uncivilized savages, sewage smelling freaks ya’ll are.

Well, there’s nothing you can do about it. I have green eyes, I can’t change that. Just accept your body how it is. Who knows. Maybe God made it that way for a reason.

So what is your question? -_- you are telling us how you hate your own people, I mean I know some Somalians do annoying things but sometimes we have to except what we are because this is who we are.

Your ethnic background doesn’t have to define you.

Just be you and if somebody would judge you for being what you are then they aren’t worth your time anyways.

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Many girls break up with their significant others, is because they need time to figure things out. Don’t take it personally, if you want her back, you have to show her you can help her. If you love her then you’ll let her go, that’s it. Not everybody who you date in high school you end up staying with, the chances are extremely unlikely. So if she doesn’t want to, then you need to let her go.

If you say you hate being Somali, it equally means that you hate yourself, your siblings, cousins and all the members of your family including the ones who gave birth to you. Why do you hate being Somali? ask yourself. It’s ok if you’re not attracted to the boys over there. Nowadays, more and more people are dating outside their race. Even if you hate yourself for being Somali, when you look in the mirror, you see yourself. You can’t runaway from that telling people your from somewhere else. If you’re going to apply for a job, on your birth certificate. You’d see your nationality. I’m not saying this to make you feel bad. One person does not represent all. If a few racist people talk bad about your people. That doesn’t mean the entire country thinks that way.
o 🙂 i’m african and i’m not attracted to the boys here. My friends are quite weird. Everytime a mention and english word that’s new to them, the ask me for the meaning. Simple common english and slang! The ones you hear everyday. Huh 😐
well there maybe somali girls who have things in common with you. There are many african americans who don’t know what country they are from, they don’t even know their native language. Remember this, if you hate yourself for being somali, you pretty much hate yourself for who you are. 🙂

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You did well to make it this far, I woulda committed suicide by now.

You did well to make it this far, I woulda committed suicide by now.

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I live in minneapolis, and for those people calling her a liar and a bigot, you have NO IDEA. You probably don’t live around somalis so you call her a bigot for the sake of political correctness, without ever actually meeting a somali. The vast majority of somalis are lazy, greedy, and stupid. Most immigrants come here, work hard, pay taxes, and within a generation are going to college and benefitting society. Somalis drop out of high school, do nothing all day, get free access to everything because of our stupid laws catering to the minorities, written be liberal well-thinking people who are attempting to assimilate a culture that is a cancer to society where ever they go. Do you know how many somalis in minneapolis agree with al-shabaab? All of the somali boys i met think they are the s.h.i.t. They admire a terrorist group. They come to a country that gives them a safe haven from the sh*thole they came from, and then actively support an enemy of that country. We think mexicans are the immigration problem in the U.S, but most of the mexicans i’ve met are good, ambitious, hard-working people. We should be shutting the door to the somalis. Let them rot in the country they love so much, but are too lazy to fix it.

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