Help my son refuses to pee or poop in the toilet!?

My son is turning 3 in a few days and is still not potty trained. Every time I ask him to go sit on the toilet he gets so scared and refuses any kind of treat I offer. I have tried just taking the diaper off completely but it doesn’t seem to phase him at all. He just pees in his pants every time not caring that his pants gets wet.

What else can I try?

take a dump on him, rub your feces all over his hair, then he’ll realize why it needs to be done in a toilet

It depends a lot on your son…does he still see himself as a &quot:baby&quot:? Because if so that can be one reason he won’t use the toilet because babies don’t have to. I would try getting the bedtime stories on going potty and just turning it into a really fun thing for him. Like, reading the stories and making him excited about being a big boy. There are several DVDs out there as well that might have some of your child’s favorite characters talking about potty time. It sounds like from what you wrote that he might be afraid to use the toilet. Consider his favorite TV characters and maybe buy some murals that you can stick on the toilet (they peel off very easily, not tearing or leaving residue) do this with him to make the toilet more &quot:fun&quot:. Also, a great technique that usually works with boys, is get dad involved! Have him turn it into a game, by putting objects in the toilet for him to &quot:aim&quot: for and have him demonstrate the technique to your son. I know, I know, it sounds so weird, which is what I thought when I first heard it, but it works!!! The whole point is to make it a very festive affair, something enjoyable to him. Then remember to praise him every time he uses the toilet. Good luck!

My almost 3 year old is afraid of the public bathrooms because they flush automatically. Kids are funny like that. Maybe the sound scares him? Try getting a small plastic &quot:toilet&quot: just for him. Get him some special books he can read only when he is sitting on the potty. Or wait and be patient. Boys take longer (in my experience) than girls do. My son was 3 by the time he was completely potty trained. Good luck!

My son went through this fase when he was training i just backed off and he is 3 1/2 and totally potty trained. It also could be a control issue. My son did not feel in control as most toddlers feel so i basically left it up to him and took the pressure off. He started wanting to go on the potty. just keep trying if no success then try to back off for a few days or even a week and try saying &quot:do you want to try peeing on the potty like a big boy?&quot: he will come around my son did and i have never seen a boy yet on his wedding day that didn’t pee on the potty. it usually takes boys longer my daughter was trained at 2 and my son took him till he was a little past 3 so don’t worry give it time and remember not to pressure him or it will just hinder all you have and will accomplish. Good luck.

Potty training my son was much more difficult than with my daughter. For some kids, going to the bathroom can be very traumatic and it takes a lot of patience. One of my sister-in-laws told me one day, after telling her that my son was over 4 yrs old and still not potty trained…&quot:you must be patient, don’t sweat over the little stuff because when he’s ready, he will be ready and it will seem to happen overnight. He’s just not ready yet&quot: She was the only person who was accurate when it came to potty training. Even though my son had &quot:mistakes&quot: now and then, he just seemed to use the toilet like a pro. I kept him in &quot:pull-ups&quot: after the successful toilet use, but he grew out of those soon enough on his own. One practice that is helpful, although tedious also, is to track the times he goes to the bathroom ( i.e. wets the bed or his pants, diaper etc…) and keep these times written down. You will probably see a pattern and can help him time the &quot:potty&quot: trips better. But don’t fret the time involved with potty training. It can be very frustrating for a parent – unnecessary
stress in a days work. When he is ready – it will happen just like that.
Try not to stress yourself over it

One book I liked is called Toilet Training Without Tears. It has alot of different methods in it. One thing you might try is making him change his own clothes. Without anger or any emotion just say something like &quot:oh, thats too bad you didnt make it to the potty in time.Better luck next time!&quot: Give him his change of clothes and tell him he can resume play when he has cleaned himself up. My son was very potty phobic and one thing that helped him was I made a rule he could use his diaper to poop in but he had to do it in the bathroom. That way he got used to going into the bathroom in time but he only stood next to the potty and used his diaper. After a week or so of that the new rule was he had to sit on the potty with his diaper on and go potty. By the time I took the diapers away his fear was greatly reduced. Good luck!

Some kids just aren’t ready sometimes. Just because he’s 3 doesn’t mean he’s completely ready to be a big boy and not use diapers. Maybe they comfort him that he doesn’t really have to do anything to go to the bathroom. Make going to the bathroom fun and easy. Put in a little training potty and tell him for now he just has to sit on it. He doesn’t have to go in it (he can keep his diaper on) and just sit there. Then gradually (maybe once a week) tell him to try taking his diaper off while he goes. Let him get used to it, and eventually it’ll become a habit. Hope I helped. ^_^

He may just not be ready yet – let him set the pace – get a little potty chair and have him sit when you sit… it could be the huge size of the seat, the big bowl under him or the flushing that is freaking him out…

If he is still not potty trained when he graduate high school consult a pediatrician.. just kidding!

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

well its going to take some time he probably thinks he is going to fall in. Get him a little potty chair and train him on that when he gets older then try using the regular toilet.

this could sound astounding yet they have this e book pronounced as &quot:everybody Poops&quot: If his situation is in any respect psychological than that alleviates the rigidity of all of it after persevered examining. additionally, attempt making the lavatory greater baby friendly. I had a chart that hung and each time he did it he have been given a large call sticky label. After 7 huge call stickers he have been given a visit to Chuck E Cheese’s. I even included the Chuck E Cheese brand into the chart. basically wait and see and don’t punish him, save your cool approximately it. exhibiting your anger in basic terms makes the pooping in the lavatory a far better enemy. I comprehend no person likes cleansing poop, lord knows I actual have dealt with it adequate myself hahaha. basically stay comfortable and take the poop from the underclothes and positioned it in the lavatory with him, enable him flush and clap because it is going down lol. i’ve got self belief like this variety of dork typing that! haha

He may pee in a jar for you but I suggest using an age appropriate potty chair. Many toddlers are afraid of using adult toilets.

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