Do you think that Donald Trump & Sarah Palin , would make a good unintelligent couple?

Both of them just showed their stupidity , trying to bad talk the President of the United States . And which in turn back fired on both of them . I think they would make a great couple .

Yeah lol it would be like the modern day dum and dumber 😛

Trump’s useless-on on this one. Who offers a rat’s a** about what a bunch of 2nd-cost actors believe? The only cleaning soap opera that i will be able to tolerate, and has any sense of fact, is the British &quot:Coronation street.&quot: Osarah bin Palin particularly IS a diva, and an imbecile in addition. Fox information isn’t precisely recognized for its impartiality, or its strict adherence to the reality. I’m definite that the &quot:newspeople&quot: at Fox will excoriate Trump – however Trump doesn’t care about what Calamity Hannity or invoice O’particularly have to say, nor does any thinking person.

Trump is a publicity seeker and Sarah Palin is genuinely concerned about America.

The Donald likes his women to be virgins, look hot, and keep their mouths shut. That eliminates Palin.

….wonder why she hasn’t tried out for Celebrity Apprentice….?

I prefer Barry &amp: Mickey for my unintelligent couple. But to each his own, I guess.

You have a nice one now, hear?

If someone who is stupid can become as wealthy as Trump has become what does that say about YOUR ability to accumulate wealth? You must only be about 1 billionth as smart as he is.

Well… $5million dollars to charity is actually a lot of money… remember it won:t be taxed and chicks with guns is kinda hot compared to a fat fugly chick with a gun.

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