Anti-Gay Marriage supporter: Is it okay for two men or two women to get married if they don’t have sex?

I find that people don’t support gay marriage because they don’t support gay sex. If a same sex couple wishes to get married but not be intimate, would you support it.

Do they promise not to? I don’t think they could hold out.

Gay people are people too and all.

You really think that serious genealogical problems are the same as [derp voice] &quot:It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve&quot:. One is a proven fact, that narrowing of the gene pool makes children more susceptible to various diseases and physical conditions, and one is a stretched interpretation of a book that has no basis in fact. The fact is, marriage between two siblings would cause huge biological problems for any offspring, whereas there are no biological issues caused by two people of the same sex being married. The child of same sex parents argument is once again merely a conclusion drawn loosely by some people researching the subject, a great many people disagree with that conclusion. A more logical argument from you would be that of polygamous marriage, but I’d say that should be illegal because marriage is at its core a promise of full commitment, how can you commit yourself fully to more than one person? This whole argument that same sex marriage would lead the way to xyz is based off a logical fallacy, which if it were true, should result in the banning of marriage COMPLETELY, because heterosexual marriage just leads to homosexual marriage, which leads to polygamous marriage, which leads to marriage between people and animals and so on. Therefore, cut off the first step and get rid of marriage. It is entirely based off a supposition that this ‘slippery slope’ would occur. It’s the dumb man’s argument, because he can’t find anything wrong with same sex marriage and so has to compare it to ridiculous examples.

No. Think about it every american has the right to get married everyone has their rights and we are equal if they choose not to use their rights which are equal for everyone is allowed to be married. They dont want to follow the law then why should we change it?
Sexual preference so that means family memebers will be able to get married because thats their &quot:sexual preference&quot: right?
What about polygamy? Thats already a hot topic should one man be allowed to have 34 kids by 5 wives? I mean where does the line get drawn?
Yea marriage is sacred between a man and a woman.
Would you want your children exposed to that?
From what I hear being gay isnt a choice but if children see that then their going to think its alright.
Also heres a little history all this its about love is BS the reason gays wanted to legalize gay marriage so that they would be able to collect on life insurance and get everything their partner owned. It wasnt about being in love it was about being greedy. A lot of people dont know it because they themselves dont know why they support they just want something to be apart of and fit in because their different.

I don’t think we should tell others what they can do in there sex life if they want to get married there either dating for life or married same thing just not perminate and same rules as married couple through the state if christian groups think this will stop people from being gay by the fact they cant get married they got there head on backwords for not trying to understand. Dont really care just more selection of wemon for me so stop being ignorrent and accept the world is going to change over the years.

The idea of a virgin marriage in which those married do not engage in marriage appears in some early Christian saints lives and in the third continuation of Chrétien’s de Troyes romance Perceval.

In short, there is within the Christian tradition the idea that marriage without sex is perhaps the highest form of marriage.

As to whether I would support it, I would say it was none of my business.

So you think marriage is only about sex? I find that to be a narrow-minded attitude. Most married couples have sex at least once in a while, and there’s no way you or anyone else can guarantee that a married couple, gay or straight, will not have sex on occasion.

Marriage is the formal declaration of an intimate union between a man &amp: woman, not two men or two women, or any other blending. That’s the way it’s been done for thousands of years because that’s the way Nature intended it to be. Just because a twisted segment of the population decides to flaunt the commonly accepted rules of Humanity &amp: Nature doesn’t mean it’s right.

Yeah, if gay marriage becomes legal i’m gonna marry my brother. We wont have sex, but where he works they got great benefits, and whoever dies first the other gets survivor benefits as well.
So I’m all for same sex marriage.

People do not pry into my sex life because I am heterosexual and that would be rude. People don’t seem to mind prying into a homosexual’s sex life though as if that is the most important aspect of their lives. Not love nor companionship, but sex. Not loyalty nor honesty but sex.

Actually I want to know who is the one really obsessed about homosexuality. It isn’t the homosexual I can tell you.

Here we go with counter-factual conditionals again. What’s your estimate of the odds that a couple, gay straight or bi, wants to get married and NOT have sex? Seems like approximately the same as the odds that I can seduce Johnny Depp. Theoretically possible, but that’s it. [Johnny, if you read this: prove me wrong here, please!]

No. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Period. Stop redefining things. Call it what it is. A social contract between two people of the same sex. Bestow all of the legal and financial benefits that come with marriage, if that’s what the voters decide they want, not the courts. Just don’t call it marriage.

any two people who truely love each other should get married, whether they have sex or not. marriage is just a contract between two people in which they promise things to each other, like to be loyal and loving and stuff. to marry someone just for the sex, now that should be banned.

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