Almost 4 year old boy still not potty trained at night.?

He has been out of diapers during the day for a year but needs a pull up at night Any suggestions?

My son is four years old also he has been potty trained for a year i do not let him drink no more than a sip any time after 8 pm and i make him go pee right before bed also. he rarely wets the bed. try this if you haven’t already. all children are different at night they don’t have as much control over what they are doing because of being tired so don’t stress.

Wait it out. Use pull-ups or Goodnites. Some kids wet the bed into their teens, believe it or not. You could try a few things if you want, like cutting fluids after 2 hours before bedtime, make sure he goes last thing before bed, and wake him once or twice to go in the middle of the night. It could just be something that will have to go away on its own. If you’re REALLY concerned about it, you can see a doctor, and I guess they have a drug now that they can give bedwetters. But he’s not quite 4. I don’t think this is at all unusual or unhealthy. I wouldn’t be too concerned about it to tell you the truth.

This is going to be some hard work, but you’re going to have to get him up at night and make him go. He’s going to cry, you’re going to cry – but you’re going to put him in the habit of going to the bathroom during the night when he needs to go. Keep the bathroom light on or place a nite light in the bathroom to help him find his way. In the mean time, keep the pull-up on him just for accidents. It’s not going to matter if he doesn’t drink anything 1-2 hours for bed – kids have a tends to hold their pee and bowels, especially when they don’t to go. Make sure he goes before bed – get him up around midnight or one to go again. Good luck!

Well the first one would be to lose the pull ups. If you put a plastic cover over the mattress to protect it. You might have to wash a lot of sheets though. Putting pull ups on him gives the child the idea that it is OK to go because there is something to catch it. If he goes and gets woken up because of it he may make an effort to stop. You might lose a few nights sleep though.

no drinking about 1 to 2 hours before bed. And have him potty right before bed. And at least one time at night when you get up to use the bathroom check him.

I did not stop wetting the bed until I was almost 7. I was taken to a urologist and found out I had a small bladder and was unable to go more than 2-3 hours with out going to the bathroom. I was a HEAVY sleeper and would not wake up to go on my own. Mom and Dad would take turns waking up every few hours to wake me and take me to the bathroom. Eventually I was in the habit of waking up and going by myself.

My nephew wet the bed occasionally up until he was ten. My sister tried EVERYTHING with him and eventually it worked itself out. Boys are generally harder to train than girls…You had some other good advice already. Positive reinforcement works a lot better in these cases overall, but one thing you can do is make him participate in the cleaning process each time. Good luck.

I believe Jessica, all the way. If he would not have some variety of medical difficulty, then he feels he’s in charge. I promise you, you do no longer prefer to get into the habit of letting a 4 twelve months previous rule the homestead. it is going to reason you no longer something yet issues contained sooner or later years. As she recommended, make him clean his self up. no remember how undesirable a tantrum he throws, no remember how lots he cries, no remember how annoyed you get, make him do it.

Nothing to drink two hours before bed time. GO potty right before bed. Dry covers calendar with rewards for dry mornings.

His bladder probably isn’t big enough to last the night yet. It might take years before it is. This is not uncommon especially in boys. Talk to your doctor if you’re really concerned. GL

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