Why are liberals more concerned about criminals rights than about victims rights?

Why do they care more about making sure that criminals are being treated fairly and that they are read all their rights? Why do they pay little attention to the consequences of the actions of criminals to victims and to the victims’ families? Explain the logic here.

Classic uneducated, liberal bashing conservative bull comin’ out of your mouth. Where exactly do you get that they dont pay any attention to the victims?

Do your homework kid.

If authorities do not follow standard legal procedure, these alleged criminals can appeal claiming a violation of their judicial rights. This then results in complications and an unpleasant reputation for the justice system, which is not perfect by any means. And because of its fallibility, we must consider the accused not guilty until otherwise proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The burden of proof rests on the prosecution, in our system, not the defense. This is not to say that victims are completely abandoned. Both sides deserve equal protection under the law for a fair and decent trial.

Because anyone can be accused of a crime and be not guilty of that crime. It’s important to preserve the rights of those accused and follow due process. It can be painful for victims, no question, but it simply MUST be required to not only keep a mob mentality at bay, but to make society carefully consider the gravity of false accusation.

It’s not a perfect system by any means, but it is necessary if we are to be a civilized society.

until convicted by a competent court, based on legally gathered evidence, there are no criminals, only people whose rights may have been violated.

the overriding issue is to prevent the rise of a police state. To this end, ethical limits on behavior by agents of the state are crucial. This includes the rights of persons accused.

On the other hand, we seem to be far too soft on convicts. Sentences should be in terms of hard work with 60 hours per week and 3,000 hours per year being the standard.

What we now call a 10 year sentence would become a 30,000 hour sentence. Work hard and complete it in 10 years = free to go. Refuse to work, or limit your hours and you aren’t free to go in ten years — you can take 25 years for all we care.

Restitution to victims should also be routinely ordered, including from currently &quot:protected&quot: future income sources such as Social Security and welfare. If a convict’s lifetime credits for such government benefits are reduced to zero due to restitution [or by use of welfare by his/her children], then said convict becomes ineligible for such programs despite otherwise becoming old enough, etc.

Americans are concerned over the rights of All citizens, why are not conservatives?

Nobody is guilty in this country, until convicted in a court of law, so they are all innocent.

Ever hear of the term &quot:innocent until proven guilty&quot:? They aren’t &quot:criminals&quot: until they are found guilty…also, its a &quot:check and balance&quot: way of making sure the judicial system doesn’t overstep its authority and protect those who may be innocent…you really need to get a better education.

We care about the rights of people who are *accused* of a crime, that’s not the same thing as caring about the rights of criminals.

Citation needed.

What are you whining about, The let Bush, Cheney, Gonzo, Rove, and most of the Bush administration, keep their jobs and freedom when they’re the most corrupt.

Like wanting a rape victim to carry a pregnancy to term?

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