What are the reasons and benefits you get from visiting foreign countries?

I’ve invited my friend to go to South Korea for a month next year. The problem is, her parents won’t let her go until they are told the reason and the benefits you can get from coming with me.
Any reasons and benifits you can get from visiting a foreign country??

I believe that we get entangled in our everyday lives and take most things for granted. It is important to enrich our lives with experiences from other countries for a lot of reasons: the educational aspect, seeing how other people live so that we can respect and appreciate the life that we lead, and with any luck, making new friends abroad.

If all we ever know is our life in our country, then we are indeed cheating ourselves.

There is a world out there that lends to us different cultures, different lifestyles, educational, religious and political views.

Some people choose to live in a vacuum and never realize just how good we have it, albeit we complain daily. Once you see the other side of life, it opens your eyes.

Most foreign countries are very safe and offer extended arms to their visitors. This is how we enrich our lives and build on friendships. In a world where no one ventures or receives new friendships, it is no wonder that we have the difference of opinions that are current and presented by wars and fighting.

Anyone who has the chance to visit a foreign country, and who has determined that it is safe to do so, but chooses not to do so, is negating their right and desire to build America to be the country of the free and compassionate country that our land is built on.

Parents, let her go! She can phone and email you daily if you need to ensure her safety. The kids can sign up with the American Embassy in Korea, which is another safeguard.

Korea is no longer the land of fighting and bad faith. Korea has tons of things to see and do, and the lifestyle will definitely open up their eyes to enable them to appreciate home sweet home.

Common sense prevails everywhere. So no flashing money, no excess jewellery and no expensive jewellery, no telling stories that make you appear rich or well off, no going out late at night by yourself. Things such as this will get you in trouble anywhere, even in good ole USA. Use common sense and you’ll be fine.

Last suggestion… Make sure you get good travel insurance. The country has hospitals for the poor and uninsured and hospitals for those with money and good insurance. As much as you might want to experience the Korean way of life, you don’t want the uninsured hospital experience… anywhere!

I hope you get to go to Korea, maybe I could go as your chaperon. If you’re willing to pay, I’m willing to go. LOL

Of course, you do not say how old either of you are so my answer may change with this information. I would say if you are in the neighborhood of 20 years, go. If you are under, say 18, make arrangements for an older person to go with you.

I hope this helps.

Visiting Another Country

I spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy. I was stationed in 3 countries and visited over 30 (some more than once). Before I went to any country, I learned a few basic phrases: HELLO, THANK YOU, PLEASE, YOU’RE WELCOME, HOW MUCH, WHERE’S THE BATHROOM. Some languages I picked up phrases quite easily. The only place I had a problem was in the south of France. Since I didn’t speak PERFECT French, they refused to TRY to understand me (JE NE COMPRE PAS is what I heard). I wound up having to speak Italian. However, when I was in Tunisia and spoke French, they understood me quite well. I WAS asked once where I was from in Italy. It was because I spoke French with an Italian accent. In other countries the folks seemed pleased I knew a few words and actually helped me with proper pronunciation and other words/phrases. I recently was on a project with U.S. Navy’s Second Fleet HQ. There was a foreign officer working near my desk and I asked him what Navy he was with. Romanian. I went home and learned a few phrases in Romanian. The next morning, I said, &quot:good morning, how are you?&quot: in Romanian. He was amazed at my proper pronunciation. I had found a web site that you could hear the words being spoken. I believe when we go to a foreign country, we should at least be able to speak SOME of the language. We should also treat THEM with respect. We are ambassadors for America, whether we realize it or not. Some places I went, and people I met, I was the first, and maybe only, American they’ve run across. I hope I left a good impression where ever I went.

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There is a difference when it comes to living and visiting another country. If I go to live in another country I will learn the respected language of where I am at. But if I am touring in that country and paying big bucks, also boosting there economy from tourist dollars, then speak my languages.. I’m benefiting them.

haha, i’ve been to south korea many of times. Its good to see what other countries are like. To see that america is just one place in this word. also, you can learn more about south korea. [if u visit educational places] the benefits are just the expirience. it might be a once in a lifetime. i have to say, i love south korea because of those tiny shops everywhere and the difference between korea and america

well my dad used to be in the navy and we traveled a lot.
I think that by visiting foreign countries you get a different perspective on the way the people live and you learn a lot about their culture.
Its also just fun to go to like Germany,Paris, etc.

i love travelling all over the world when i knew the right time.
the benefits are much of course:)
-get to know other ppls society
– feeling good when somehow..somewhere living out of our country
– make an adventures of lifes
-make memories in every trace of our steps
– just absolutly making the feeling Great and relaxing.

enjoying life in this atsmosfir

you get to meet knew people and you get to learn about how their lives are different then ours.HISTORY is the word for what i mean.

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