Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?

&quot:I think Colbert’s funnier in a stupid, satirical way, while Stewart is funny in a more witty and intelligent way…&quot:


The ONLY reason i might like Colbert better, is that for some reason, some Republicans actually think he is one of them…

Three years ago I would have said Stewart, but now I’m leaning more Colbert 🙂 He’s just funnier.

I like both. But Stephen Colbert is brilliant and every time I watch his show I’m always left on the floor laughing.

What a brilliant idea, unfortunately I will not be able to make it. Although I have sod all to do that day, I also have sod all money, so I wont be able to fly to the USA &amp: it’s a bit too far to swim ! I sincerely hope that this wakes up a few yanks to how appallingly they are manipulated by their media. I wonder if anyone wants to organise a similar rally here, for us before it’s too late, as Britain is unfortunately going the same way. btw – I really want the spider placard !

Sorry Jon.

I gotta go with the Colbert! Not only does he have his own space object, the C.O.L.B.E.R.T, but he has the &quot:Colbert Bump.&quot:

I think Colbert’s funnier but they’re both good.

I love Jon Stewart. What a wonderful comedian. Just the look on his face is enough when he reads the news.

That’s a pretty hard one, I vote Colbert.

Colbert is funnier 😀

I love Colbert. I do not like Jon Stewart most of the time, though. He can be funny, but he crosses certain lines…

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