Who will win 2012 USA election? Romney vs President Obama?

I want President Obama to win. I think things will get worst with Romney. ~

Either way Goldman Sachs and friends win.

Unless of course Ron Paul pulls it off, I mean he is the only one being truthful and the only one not bought out by big banks and corporations. But of course the stupid box tells you he is crazy.
I really truly believed that America would catch on this time around, that maybe if the TV is making him out to be a nut, then maybe we should go with him. It’s not over yet. Come on America prove you are not ignorant people getting hosed by used car salesmen who say whatever you wanna hear on camera.


Romney has a pretty good chance winning the 2012 election

VS will win

Romney can never win the presidency running as a Mormon.

Dog poo will have a better chance of winning after Obama has to answer his record. 40 States go Republican

May the best democrat win

I’m going to write in for Ron Paul

Obama, Romeny is a Mormon and not scared to admit it

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