Poll: What will you do when?

If You are traveling by a bus and bus is pretty empty, most of the seats are vacant in the bus.
You are sit on a seat and then a passenger who is also sit on a seat says you pass my ticket
ticket aage pass kar do

and you see there is no one around you to pass his/her ticket as bus is already empty and that passenger also know about it very well.

What will you do?

Will you say them there is no one to pass the ticket
You will go yourself to take their ticket from conductor to leave your seat

That person who will ask to do such a thing must be insane, a troll or even a serial killer.
I will immediately become alert and politely ask, what is it that makes him ask for such a thing in an empty bus?…and if that person does not have a good reason, he must be showered with good dose of lecture on moral behavior, meanwhile something should be ready in your hand to give him bang on if he tries to harm you after that.
No, it has never happened to me, but I have seen similar things happening with small school kids who board the bus which makes me very angry, some adults try to overpower these small sweet fellows by saying things like-
&quot:aye move inside , can’t you see there is space, aye you …aye …aye&quot:…I feel sorry for them , I wonder why can’t some adults put things politely before children.

ill go myself to take their ticket from conductor….

Sue him

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