If the terrorists &quot:hate us for our freedom&quot: why don’t they attack things that actually represent our freedom?

Islamic extremists supposedly attack us because they hate us for our freedom, yet here is what they’ve attacked.

These are things that represent America’s political, military, and economic strength, NOT our freedom.

Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983.
World Trade Center in 1993 and 2001.
Kobar Tower in Saudi Arabia in 1996.
US embassies in Africa in 1998.
USS Cole in 2001
The Pentagon and an attempt at the White House in 2001.

If they hate us for our freedom why haven’t they attacked or targeted things like movie theaters, art museums, shopping malls (yes, there’s one in WTC, but I don’t think they were after that), or strip clubs.

Why didn’t they attack Las Vegas and Hollywood on 9/11? Or if the case of New York, why the WTC and not Times Square or Carnegie Hall or theaters on Broadway?

Because they don’t &quot:hate freedom&quot:– they’re ideologues who think both we and our way of life are evil. They’re extreme fundamentalists who are way out on the fringe.

I agree … to a point. But many of our operations are attempts to rebuild and stabilize. If we wanted to simply bomb an entire country into submission, you cannot possibly believe this is the way we would go about it. We have bent over backwards to appease, mollify, collaborate and assist … all to no avail. Does the rest of the world really think the Middle East will suddenly join hands and sing, were we to leave? Perhaps we should just bug out and let them descend into madness. And, for the record, they are perfectly happy killing each other. So, no, the &quot:hate our freedom&quot: line is a little lame, but enraging a Muslim is a pretty simple task.

Because &quot:they hate us for our freedom&quot: = &quot:they hate our way of life&quot: which is the whole premise behind nationalism. It was a lie that was told to gain support for war. It is the rally call that is used to gain support for all wars. In reality they hate the fact that our government has supported MODERNIZATION OF ISLAM(type that into a search bar) for a long time now. Terrorists and militants are basically reactionaries working toward trying to return their society to a time when Islamic law was more strict and punishment for breaking moral law is more harsh. They are the eqivelent of the extreme right hating all liberals, but in Islamic countries they blow themselves up, because everything they believe is &quot:God willing&quot:. If God wills that they live the bast, they will. That is what the religious fanatics really believe. That is why our troops have to train them to actually aim a gun instead of just randomly shooting and hitting enemy combatants, only if &quot:Allah wills it&quot:.

After researching what &quot:Modernization of Islam&quot: is, consider if it is government interference in religion and a direct violation of our own Constitution. Now you know why they tend to call our government a rogue government.

Not saying I condone their violent acts, but I do understand the rationale for their anger, even though I am not a religious person.

The terrorist do hate us for our freedom and attack what will inflict the most pain on the fruits of that freedom, our wealth.

Consider the WTC attack. It has been widely reported that several investment firms with terrorist connections took shorts on the airlines. They made money and the owners of airline stock lost.

By tying us up in wars, they &quot:bleed the beast.&quot:

The marines and navy are symbols of our freedom, might and our economic strength.

I, obviously, have no idea what the next target is: but, I’m guessing that Homeland Security is looking at prime economic targets as potentials.

We use several tools to secure our freedom and advance our Strategic National Interests. There are Social, Economic, Military and others. These are not top secret so attacks against our national tools are attacking America…….

Because the gov. would not have cared much if the attack would have been against any of the civilian places you mentioned above. Though they hate what we do with our freedom what they want to eliminate is the root of that freedom and that’s the gov.

they wanted a target where it would hit us hard they wanted a large scale attack with large casulties in one attack. so they ran two airplanes in the WTC because alot of ppl work their. they attacked the pentagon because that is our mitlitary center and defence area.

Cuz they don’t hate us for our freedom. They hate us cuz we are bullies on the world stage. Only fluoride sipping sheeple think they hate us for our freedom.

Or if they hate freedom, why not attack Sweden or the Netherland. They are both more free than the USA.

On 9/11, they flew over some nuclear plants that would have caused much more devastation.

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