Why does the Catholic Church view homosexuality as bad, but child molestation is not that big a deal?

Good point. With molestation, the priest has historically simply been relocated, generally to re-offend against more unsuspecting children.
With homosexuality, it’s been death, torture, and now simply throwing you out of the church.

You’re right, it shows where their priorities are.

&lt:&lt:Why does the Catholic Church view homosexuality as bad, but child molestation is not that big a deal&gt:&gt:

Both are sins, and the Church doesn’t teach otherwise. There are priests who have committed the sin of homosexual sex and there are priests who have committed the sin of child molestation. Both are grave and mortal sins according to the Church and Scripture.

The Church has never said &quot:child molestation is not that big a deal.&quot: You’re misrepresenting Church teaching and practice.

The Catholic Church teaches that child molestation is a mortal sin — in other words, it’s VERY big deal.

The Catholic Church teaches that same-sex attraction cannot be helped, so if a person is inclined to homosexual feelings, that is NOT a sin. Acting on those desires is, of course, just like acting on heterosexual desires outside of marriage.

I think you are looking at this all wrong. Homosexuality and child molestation are both very, very wrong to the Catholic Church – when others are doing it.

The word of God defines homosexuality as an unnatural act, it also says it is an abomination. I believe it is the basis for that belief, I am non catholic and I believe the same, it is the word of God. Now as for the treatment of Homosexuals by the catholic church, I do disagree with strongly. Why? because their is not a spirit of forgiving there, but one that says fear and judgement. both are wrong because Jesus forgives and homosexuality is not the unpardonable sin.

Therefore, homosexuals should be treated as others want to be treated. If people would stay out of others peoples personal lives, this would be far less an issue both public and private sector.

It is very sad that the priest do not consider themselves homosexuals when they rape and molest innocent defenseless children. they are hypocrits as the word of God says it is better for a man to marry than to burn in his lusts. they should take wives, but that is not what they desire, they are sick maniacs desiring children and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Those preist are homosexuals and they should be punished with the same punishment they pass on homosexuals. they are not guiltless and they bear the stains of wrecking the lives of many children with pain and depression and physical hurt. They are tormentors and should be given fire.

THE SADDEST THING i read here is the one response that says, &quot:at least with molestation the child lives.&quot: no, they don’t. they are tormented and given to mental anguish and they are trapped in a world of misery because of the pedophile priest. It is a terrible existence daily for those children trying to overcome.

With abortion they don’t. that is also sad and twisted, ignore the fool and the tongue that speaks ill.

It is not that big a deal for them because they are getting their sick pleasure at the expense of innocent children when &quot:PRIEST ATTACK.&quot: It should be a big deal big enough to burn them at the stake so as to dispatch them to hell immediately.
Since the church will not take care of the children and protect them, parents should keep children out there.

No, marriage isn’t meant to characterize love purely yet to serve the Lord by making use of being fruitful. this is a covenant relationship between the couple and God. The Church does not care what your sexual allure incorporates as long as you do no longer act on your allure to somebody of the comparable intercourse. have you ever seen celibacy rather of committing the sin of fornication with somebody of your comparable gender. it is your determination as to the type you reside your life, whether in God’s will or no longer. decide on life eternal. God bless! In Christ Fr. Joseph

Who created trolls?

The Church is homophobic to the max, but it doesn’t approve of pedophilia. The sexual molestation of children occurs in all religious denominations, all professions, all socio-economic classes, all countries and states, and all levels of education. So does unfair treatment of homosexuals.

Im sorry that guy is a bore. I dont know if Catholic Church is able to serve the needs of true Christians

Because religion as an institution is nothing more than hypocrisy ripe with persecution. Faith should be on a personal level between a human and his/her diety. Popes/churches/priests are unnecessary.

Because the Catholic church is corrupt and their morals are pathetic. They do NOT represent Jesus or the Bible. They are a man-made organization attempting to manipulate people under the guise of Christianity.

Please don’t judge Jesus or the bible by Christians or certain churches, there are many hypocrites in the church. Judge Jesus and Christianity by the Bible and Jesus’ teachings. 🙂

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