Is this the WORST Top 50 Player rankings you have ever seen? Let’s hear your thoughts good or bad!?

Sporting News Top 50 NBA Players for the 2010-11 Season:
(last year’s ranking in parentheses)

1. Kobe Bryant, SG, Lakers (1)

2. LeBron James, SF, Heat (2)

3. Dwyane Wade, SG, Heat (3)

4. Kevin Durant, SF, Thunder (21)

5. Dwight Howard, C, Magic (4)

6. Carmelo Anthony, SF, Nuggets (9)

7. Dirk Nowitzki, SF, Mavericks (8)

8. Deron Williams, PG, Jazz (12)

9. Steve Nash, PG, Suns (11)

10. Pau Gasol, PF, Lakers (17)

11. Tim Duncan, PF, Spurs (5)

12. Amare Stoudemire, PF, Knicks (19)

13. Chris Paul, PG, Hornets (6)

14. Paul Pierce, SF, Celtics (10)

15. Chris Bosh, PF, Heat (18)

16. Rajon Rondo, PG, Celtics (38)

17. Brandon Roy, SG, Trail Blazers (14)

18. Joe Johnson, SG, Hawks (25)

19. Derrick Rose, PG, Bulls (26)

20. Kevin Garnett, PF, Celtics (7)

21. Manu Ginobili, SG, Spurs (22)

22. Andrew Bogut, C, Bucks (NR)

23. Chauncey Billups, PG, Nuggets (20)

24. Tony Parker, PG, Spurs (13)

25. Ray Allen, SG, Celtics (27)

26. Rudy Gay, SF, Grizzlies (41)

27. Danny Granger, SF, Pacers (31)

28. Jason Kidd, PG, Mavericks (23)

29. Zach Randolph, PF, Grizzlies (NR)

30. Russell Westbrook, PG, Thunder (NR)

31. David Lee, PF, Warriors (NR)

32. Joakim Noah, C, Bulls (NR)

33. Al Horford, C, Hawks (35)

34. Stephen Curry, PG, Warriors (NR)

35. Shaquille O’Neal, C, Celtics (16)

36. Carlos Boozer, PF, Bulls (36)

37. Al Jefferson, PF, Jazz (NR)

38. Vince Carter, SG, Magic (30)

39. LaMarcus Aldridge, PF, Trail Blazers (NR)

40. Brook Lopez, C, Nets (NR)

41. Andrew Bynum, C, Lakers (50)

42. Josh Smith, PF, Hawks (40)

43. Gilbert Arenas, PG, Wizards (28)

44. David West, PF, Hornets (NR)

45. Kevin Martin, SG, Rockets (NR)

46. Hedo Turkoglu, SF, Suns (42)

47. Antawn Jamison, SF, Cavaliers (NR)

48. Yao Ming, C, Rockets (15)

49. Gerald Wallace, SF, Bobcats (NR)

50. John Wall, PG, Wizards (NR)

A few players that are missing:

Blake Griffin (LAC)
Kevin Love (MIN)
Eric Gordon (LAC)
Monte Ellis (GS)
Tyreke Evans (SC)

There is no way these five guys should be left off the list.

Blake Griffin 21ppg and 11rpg
Kevin Love 19ppg and 15rpg
Eric Gordon 24ppg and 5 apg
Monte Ellis 24ppg and 5apg
Tyreke Evans (last year’s ROY)

BQ: Who would you take off the list and who would you add?

Yep. Hands down the worst.

To right now Kobe, Lebron, Wade or Durant shouldnt even be on the top 4..

Westbrook, Griffin are one of the players who should be up there right now because they are playing really hard, I just noticed Bynum, Ming and etc. are there, why when they barely played this season, and some didnt play at all like Oden, and Odom isnt in the top 50 wtf..

They just put superstars always first which is bs

How is Shaq 35? He should be 135… The fact that Monta Ellis isn’t in there and the fact that Hedo Turkoglu is makes no sense. This list should be burned.

Dirk Nowitzki plays PF, not SF. Edit your list.

Kevin Durant should be #1.
Pau Gasol #10!!!!!!
come on


Andrew Bogut is not better than Stephen Curry

4 Celtics players in top 20 pro…

Ummm Kobe number 1? NO, I’d put Dwight or Lebron there

Kobe #1 and LeBron #2…WTF…both of their teams lost 4 straight

good until you hit 28 jason kidd? over russel westbrook no chance,but very accurate other than that

wow, a troll really waste this much time on life? 🙁

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