Poll: Do you have true friends or fake friends?

A mix, and i know the difference because i know what having real friends feels like.
I’ve recently met a load of new people who i love.

@Stefano: fcuk you, sexist bastard. Saying women can’t think logically? Well this woman has something you haven’t – the common sense not to stereotype.

I am surrounded by fake friends, but I do have a few true ones.

fake. they all turned out fake. i only have 2 true ones i think

all the ones i met in college are real friends, the ones from high school are fake


True friends, because I’m not a girl and men think rationally when it comes to friendly relationships.

True friends for sure in real life, here online I’m not sure =/

True, i hope so! But yes my friends are my true friends! I love em’ to death!

one by one are turning out to be fake.

Mostly true 😀

You can count your TRUE friends on the one hand 🙂

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