How many standing ovations did Barack Obama receive during his speech to Congress last night?

I love the ovation after THIS STUPID STATEMENT:

&quot:But we are committed to the goal of a re-tooled, re-imagined auto industry that can compete and win. Millions of jobs depend on it: scores of communities depend on it: and I believe THE NATION THAT INVENTED THE AUTOMOBILE cannot walk away from it.&quot:


IN 1769 Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot (1725-1804) STEAM / Built the first self propelled road vehicle (military tractor) for the French army: three wheeled, 2.5 mph. France

IN 1832-1839 Robert Anderson ELECTRIC / Electric carriage. Scotland

IN 1885/86 Karl Friedrich Benz (1844-1929) GASOLINE / First true automobile. Gasoline automobile powered by an internal combustion engine: three wheeled, Four cycle, engine and chassis form a single unit. Germany

IN 1886 Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler (1834-1900) and Wilhelm Maybach (1846-1929) GASOLINE / First four wheeled, four-stroke engine- known as the &quot:Cannstatt-Daimler.&quot: Germany

FINALLY IN 1893 Charles Edgar Duryea (1862-1938) and his brother Frank (1870-1967) GASOLINE / First successful gas powered car: 4hp, two-stroke motor. The Duryea brothers set up first American car manufacturing company. United States

When will this nation realize he is full of $#?^…


Kudos….. Too many from the blinded by his smooze. $8 Billion and counting in the first months in office!
Nice tie though.

that was pretty uncomfortable to watch. when they highlited his wife and that little girl, i thought the little girl was going to &quot:bust a cap&quot: on someone, the touchy- feely crap was too much to stomach.
and if you dont think Obama is pushing socialism then you are surely blind and ignorant

What speech? I was watching Dirty Jobs last night!

Not quite as many as Hitler did at Nurenburg 1934.

Any number more then 0 is to much.

If it was 1 or more, it was way too many!

The Emperor has no clothes, people, figure it out!!!

too many

I had to turn the channel, it was ridiculous, Pelosi was jumping after every single sentence.

Dunno — I was waaaayyyyy too drunk to notice: only way I could get the TV to tune it in. Seriously. lol


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