Who was worse: Hitler or Stalin?

Stalin may have been responsible for more deaths than Hitler.He once said that his greatest satisfaction was in planning the death of an enemy and then going to bed.Stalin had Hitler’s grudging admiration for being even more ruthless(and where is ruth?) than he was. He was Napoleon in Orwell’s Animal Farm.

I tend to see them as politicaly symmetrical however one was insane and the other was systematically evil. Both had cult followings, no accountability or limits on their abuse of power and neither seemed to have a conscience. They were sociopaths who became all powerfull.
Stalin was motivated by fear and Hitler was motivated by hatred.
It is true that when the NAZI purges of 1934 happened, Stalin grudgingly admired Hitler’s methodology and would have preferred that method, rather than all the tedius legal show trials and tortures used for confessions employed in Russia.

In spite of the numbers of deaths each caused, they were both equally evil. They were just heads and tails of the same socialist coin.
It’s entirely fitting that Stalin was portrayed as a pig by Orwell. But how did Orwell, with his sharp insight and knowing what he did, explain away his personal commitment to socialism?

The one who is hated more by his own countrymen……. Enemies always hate each other, supposedly so, hence can not be the best of the judges.
By the way how do the most Americans grade their own President?
The writing is very much on the wall as to who is the worse or even the worst !!

I was going to stick with Hitler but I think you have answered your own question. I think Hitler was a raving, foaming lunatic embodiment of evil undiluted by reason. Stalin coldly calculated his actions to achieve his own goals with full knowledge and self-awareness. It’s one thing to be bad without having the capacity to understand the wrong. It’s far worse to know it’s wrong and do it anyway.

Stalin by far! Hitler had a core group that he wanted to advance. They were preferred. If you were part of that core group, you were OK. But Stalin!! If you were even close to being within his grasp you were a potential target.

Stalin, by the #s. It would have been nice if we just let the two of them battle it out, then we could have taken out the winner. Why intervene when two dictatorships are eating each other alive?

I don’t even know of a Stalin. But i’d say Saddam Hussien and hitler are tied for first as far as i know.

Hitler Answerman Stalin.
this is Adolfs real name but dont tell any about it keep it our little secret.

George Bush

That would probably depend on which one of the two had control of your destiny.

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