Hi, i want to buy a 450 SL and i have this problem: VIN begins with 107. Shouldn’t it begin with WDB? The model year is 1977.

Older Benz cars had a VIN that began with the chassis number, like 107.045, 107.048, etc
It isn’t a problem


Pre-1984 VINs did not confirm to the international 17 digit standard. Prior to that, Mercedes VINs began with the MB chassis code less the leading W. The chassis code for a 1977 SL class is W107, so 107 is the correct first 3 digits for a 1977 450SL.

Oops, just noticed a typo. 1981 was the first year for the standardized 17-digit VIN, not 1984. For your 1977, the VIN does begin with 107 so no change there.

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Yes, the VIN starts with &quot:WDB&quot: but when you check the VIN plate on the A-pillar, the stamped portion of the VIN will be numerical only. Therefore a lot of people only read the VIN as numerical, not alpha-numeric.

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