Hamlet Hamlet Hamlet?

So after hamlet left ophelia, claudius and polonious talk about what is wrong with hamlet and what should their next move be. What is Claudius’ viewpoint, and what is polonious’ viewpoint

Claudius is a murderer, and he thinks that Hamlet may be onto him. So, he’s naturally in favor of anything that allows him to spy on Hamlet, and find out what he really knows.

Polonius is a father, and he’s most concerned with his daughter’s welfare. He has no inkling that Claudius murdered Hamlet’s father: for him, it’s more of a domestic issue. SOMETHING’s bugging Hamlet, and, by association, it’s affecting Polonius’ daughter, Ophelia.

It behooves BOTH men to spy on Hamlet…which leads to the arrival of Hamlet’s old buddies Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and ultimately leads them to send Ophelia out talk to Hamlet while Polonius and Claudius observe from a distance.

It doesn’t work out well for any of them.

that depends if you believe in purgatory and what you believe it is

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