2004 Ford Mustang gt?

I have a 2004 ford mustang GT (6 Cylinder) And my dad has a 2004 ford mustang GT (6 Cylinder) but on my dad’s mustang speedometer it has 150 mph and on mine it has 120 mph why are they different it makes no sense to me or my dad can you please explain it to us..

Please and thank you

yours is not a gt mustang your is the 6 cylinder. your dads is a true v8 mustang gt

Gears will run about $600 installed, and it’s not something you can do yourself. K&amp:N filter/CAI won’t do much on the new edge GT’s, they are mainly used for aesthetics more so than actual performance gains. A short throw shifter is an excellent idea, but you’re going to pay a couple hundred for a decent one and installing one will be a challenge if you’ve never don’t it before. 4.10 gears are the way to go on a N/A 4.6L. Don’t fall for the BS that 4.10’s are too much for a street car or you’ll take a huge hit in fuel economy. There’s very little if any difference in fuel economy when comparing 3.73s and 4.10s. I will say that 4.10s can be bothersome if you have a supercharger or a turbo. I have 4.10s on my 03 GT and they were great when I was N/A. But after putting the Kenne Bell on, I think 3.73s or even 3.55’s are a better choice for a forced induction car. But for your car, I’d go with 4.10s. For all the things you listed $400 isn’t going to be near enough money. Gears are out of the question for $400, but a CAI and short throw shifter may be doable. And contrary to what the other guy said, the 3.8L has nowhere near as much low end torque as a 4.6L. I suspect T-82 has never seen a dyno chart comparision of the two engines.

There is no such thing as a GT with a V6. All GTs came with V8s. You might want to pop your hood. Real GTs came with a 150 speedo and V6s had 120. Hope you didnt get ripped off thinking you bought a GT.

NO GT v6. the 120 is the v6 150 is the GT v8

Nick L is right!

The V6 will read 120mph. The V8 (which is classed as GT) is 150mph. Im bit surprised to why V8’s read 150mph? Considering they can be supercharged and exceed much higher than 150!

there’s no mustang GT V6, yours is probably a v6 but someboby glued the gt logo on the body, all V6’s speedometer are same as yours

speedometer means nothing. his probably cuts off before 150. but his is a v8.

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