Why did my 2 year old dog die suddenly?

When I got home this past Thursday evening my dog happily greeted me at the door, as usual, then ran outside to go potty…within SECONDS she yelped real loud then came running back into the house. She had excrement coming out of her anus like she had started going to the bathroom and got interrupted. I tried to get her into the backyard to finish using the bathroom, but she just collapsed on the kitchen floor and began panting and having what appeared to be a seizure. I frantically called my vet after seeing the dog was non-responsive. Her legs were splayed out and she was completely limp! When I tried to pick her up to put her the car, blood poured from her mouth (perhaps her nose as well) so I laid her back down thinking she might have bitten her tongue during the seizure. The blood which was bright red in color, pooled under her head…an awful lot of blood for a bitten tongue, I thought! Within minutes of talking to the vet she went totally stiff and stopped breathing. I realized then that she was gone! The vet called me back to check on me and I told them the news. They told me an autopsy would cost me $375.00 which I don’t have so we buried her in the backyard. This has got to be THE MOST freakish incident of my life. Is there ANYONE who could offer any insight to help bring closure and help my daughter &amp: I begin to heal over this devestating loss?? Thank you!!

I am so sorry for this loss of yours. It is most definatley freakish at the least. Do you possibly have anything poisonous living around your house? Ex: snakes, rats, (poisonous plaints?)…etc. I think to help you bring closure, is to just get rid of everything but one thing that you’ve had from your old dog. Like keep a dog blanket, and a picture. Or keep a tiny bit of her dog bed. Everyone, does have a different way of getting over pet loss, so these are just suggestions. Oh, and make sure to bury her deep, you don’t want anyone to stumble across a dead dog when they’re playing outside.

I’m so sorry about your dog, hopefully this information will help you.

I think your dog was bitten by a snake, or poisonous spider. Some of the reactions that occur are like you described.

immediate and severe pain


and seizures.

hope this helped!

First off I am so very sorry for your loss….. As for what happened, it almost sounds like she was bitten by a snake. My dad’s old dog was bitten by a Mojave Green Rattle snake and that is almost exactly how he died. If you live in an area where there are poisonous snakes you may want to check your yard out VERY CAREFULLY in case there is a snake there. You wouldn’t want any harm to come to you or your daughter. God bless.

Sounds like she was bitten by something.. Was there any bite wound on her?? Or, she had underlying health issues.

So sorry!!!

If it were my dog, I woulda found the money for the autopsy.. For my closure… Now, it’s always going to be a guessing game.

I’m so sorry for your loss. It sounds like something startled her and bit her, maybe something venomous like a snake or spider.

Tears .. I was in tears reading this. I am so sorry for your loss. It might be a snake bite.

your dog will be remember forever


What kinds of poisonous animals do you have in your area? It was something with a fast-acting neurotoxin and an anticoagulant.

*Crys* this is so sad, im sorry to hear this, but i dont know any vets or anything, and if a snake bit her, u may have to find cheap vets on the internet. search google. they will help you,

Thats so sad sorry for your loss

snake bite or do you have any poisonous spiders/scorpions there?

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