Obama supporters. Explain this to me.?

How does Obama stand up for the legally removed Manuel Zelaya. The supreme court in Honduras decided that Zelaya could not run for another election, yet he did. Obama says he was democraticly elected and he said that Zelaya was removed ilegally. So if the supreme court in Honduras ruled on it, then how was he removed ilegally? He wasn’t.

Obama wasted no time to voice his dismay over the removed potential dictator in Honduras, yet when Ahmadinejad won the obviously fixed election in Iran and then the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei threatened his people with violence if they didn’t stop protesting…and he made good on that. Obama said nothing.

So that’s my question. Why is Obama so vocal about Honduras but said we must not get involved in Iran? Again, he said the U.S. must not get involved. So what justifies us doing that in Honduras but not Iran? Is he just a hypocrite? The Obama administration is even talking about sanctions against Honduras, cutting off aid if they don’t put that jerk back into office.

Obama is a propogandist, he is for dictators and he has not showed the same outrage over the situation in Iran as he has over the one in Honduras.

Obama is scared of the Islam SUpporters. Honduras is more Roman Catholic than Islam.

Plus, Chavez is backed by the exiled president. We all know, Obama doesn’t have the balls to stand up to any leader of country no matter how small or big they are. But he would prefer the leaders kill off their own population to get peace and order. This much says many things about Obama. He doesn’t care about anyone in the world but those that hold power to change it. I don’t think he believes that people/citizens have the right to decide on their fate.

Zelaya attempted to hold revise the constitution of the state. To a democratic mind set, it would mean more power to the powerful and longer regime for the current administration. Anyone in any country who would dare to revise the constitute is bond to have a coup. I think it would be the same if Obama thought to revise the American Constitution. He would be killed or immediately be driven out of Washington.

coup d’Г©tat = A sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force (word web) (and most countries think illegally in this case)

the court only started to talk about impeachment by the time of the coup, they haven’t carried through yet, these were both seperate movements, so he is still offically the prez

the elections aren’t till nov 2009 so how could he of been elected twice

he was couped over a referendum

how much miss infomation have you been feed?

also the court could still impeach him cause many countries still say he’s offical then stick in the new guy

Obama likes dictators like Chavez and Castro. He admires their leadership. Think about it.

You are gravely mistaken as to what happened.
Zelaya was elected. As the constitution stands now he cannot run for another term but his previous election was in no way unconstitunional.
He was promoting a constitutional referendum to change the constitution to remove term limits.
The military removing democratically elected leaders is not a situation to support. no other western leader is doing so.
Be honest – you guys are just using this as another reason to go after Obama. No matter which side he took you would have attacked him.

Uhbama is a flipper ! Sometimes he meddles , sometimes he doesn`t ! However , you can rest assured that Uhbama will always meddle in favor of socialist and / or dictators , because in his anti-American heart when Uhbama grow`s up , he wants to be like Castro &amp: Chavez !

If I remember correctly — Obama condemned the violence as well as rejected the coup of Honduras. He stood up to both.

What do you expect us to do? Wage more wars? I don’t think so, its none of our business lets leave it that way.

If you really do care so much about it, you either like big government, brainwashed by the media that tells us its our duty to police the world, or you are a RINO. Maybe even all 3.

Obama will never say a word.He’s hoping that all the REFUGEES frooding in this country thru Mexico will become Democratic VOTERS !

It’s not really any of his business.

&quot:Obama is a propogandist, he is for dictators and he has not showed the same outrage over the situation in Iran as he has over the one in Honduras.&quot:

Sometimes I read an especially stupid thing such as this on YA and I really wonder if the person believes it is stupid enough to believe the stupid things they write.

No apology? You won’t get anywhere if you don’t admit when you are wrong. I do it all the time.

That’s a good one! Have you ever considered writing fiction for a living. You seem to have a knack for it!

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