I’m so sad and hurt because of this guy… need some advice :/?

Here comes the usual story… its long sorry.
This guy i love broke up with me and i feel so stupid because i actually believed everything he said… Honestly we never had anything apart from a distant relationship and i have no idea how this happened but i fell in love for the first time in my whole life. The worse is that he gave me hope from the beggining saying he would take me with him, even marrying me so i could live with him (hes american im not..) and we would be super happy… We would talk everyday he would even stay awake watching me sleep and vice versa, he was just so sweet and mature…
One time he said he was in love with another girl but then he came back saying he couldnt forget me. I should have know better, i know, but i accepted him back because those days without him had been hell and i was still in love with him…
Last time we talked he told me he would give me a baby so he could keep me forever.. I know it was silly but i think a guy only says that to a girl when he really likes her… I couldnt even sleep that night cause my heart was beating so fast. He was always saying he loved me saying how happy we were going to be and that he didnt want anyone else cause i made his heart beat super fast and was i perfect for him… And now imagine after all the nice things he told me he says he’s in love with ANOTHER girl that shes perfect for him and that they even have the same favorite dog (ridiculous!). I asked him what was going on since he hadnt said anything for two weeks and he tells me he started dating this other girl without telling me anything! how could he do this to me after all the sweet things he told me and everything i did for him? He even insisted to talk with my parents and also made me talk to his aunt she even supported us! how can someone be this cruel and change his mind so fast? he is 25 not a child anymore! I stoped hanging out with my friends and missed school so i could talk with him, i have been saving money so i can go live with him and havent spent anything on me all because of him. All i wanted was a chance to show him how much i loved him…

I know i was sooo stupid and it was all my fault, i should have never believed him and that whats killing me right now because he was the one who insisted in this relationship and i wanna hate him for all the time i wasted on him (1 whole year!) but i still love him…
Im so not like this, this is the first time i ever fall for this kind of things! Im a down to earth girl and always have my guard up but it was just so good to be thrue and i had never been so happy.
Once i promised to myself i would never be with anyone i didnt love nor love me back, been turning down guys ever since cause i had never fall in love with anyone and i was fine with it, i knew they just wanted to have fun and i needed something real so i wouldnt end up hurt he even said he was the same way (that i know its true at least) but guess what happened, i ended up hurt anyway.
I was happy on my own and i had never been on a relationship before. But now when i finally find what ive been wishing for all along it ends like this.
Im so sad and hurt i feel like throwing up, everytime i get up i just start trembling and i dont even feel like eating anything… I dont want to be like this, this is not me at all! im always messing with everyone (in a good way) smiling and making people laugh…

Help me i dont want to feel depressed and i dont want to talk about this to any of my friends either… as i said i dont really let anyone in, this guy was the only exception, i try so hard to pretend im fine but people still get it and start asking me questions when all i want to do is forget this. Im known to be a strong girl i dont want anyone seeing me cry so they can see im weak…
And now that this happened i dont know if i’ll ever let anyone in cause im afraid theyll hurt me like this guy did… im afraid ill never be able to forget him… I do wanna feel loved, love someone and be happy together, im just 19, but if this is how im gonna feel in the end i dont think is worth it at all i’d rather be alone forever…

Don’t blame yourself. it was not your fault that you were fooled by your love. Believe me, I’ve had this happen before and all you can do is move on. Being depressed about this one guy isn’t even worth it so instead try to be positive. You’re Mr.Right will come eventually and if not, you still have friends.

ps.. try listening to &quot:begging on your knees&quot: by victoria justice

Awk sweetie!
Honestly u will hear this alot but there are millions of guys out there and you will find your one that suits you and loves you for who you are and will worship the ground you walk on
it will take time but u will find him
this guy obviously has problems and needs to grow up
if i were you i would
1. cut him out of your life complety delete him off ur phone msn facebook whatever! (this is the only thing that helps me get over someone seeing him will depress you more)
2. Get all dressed up put on your best clothes do yourself up all pretty
3. Go out with your friends have a really good night laugh loads and have fun maybe even flirt with some guys

This should help you
Dont rely on anyone and forget the past move on, not all guys are the same there are some sweethearts out there

Good luck have fun
Becky 🙂

very sad for you. Go talk to your mom, (or chat with your best friend) and eat lots of pudding and icecream and french fries. You need to talk to someone else about it even if they don’t provide any advice. You probably feel a little better just putting it all out on this questions page. What is the point of keeping it all in. It doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong. You let someone help you and then you help them. Thats what it’s about. The first is the worst. The best revenge is success. You can give him a kick in the knee at the 25th Reunion when you are successful and have a great life and he lives in a trailer park with that fat ol’ girl and their favourite dogs. 🙂

I feel so sorry for you. Could u at least tell someone you absolutely trust and know? Don’t do this again anytime soon. Try having some fun. Do other things that make u laugh and happy that take away your sadness for awhile.

well it is obvious he don’t want to be with you or he would be right now. the good news is you don’t want to be with someone that don’t love you, so that makes it easy to move on and learn from your mistake. words are cheap actions mean everything. Let your eyes see that someone instead of your ears hearing it. Believe none of what you hear ans half of what you see.

you know, opening up and talking to your friends about your feelings, and even crying a bit, wont hurt your image. You’ll show your real colours…Intimacy with friends and partners is the most beautiful and best thing you can do. they can give you better advice than anyone here could…

ok. i read haf of this then stopped. if he doesnt wanna be with you then let him go. find someone else who isnt playing you.

check me out it’s free. www.youtube.com/billiejolene1

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