can i take my toddler to the movies?

is it permitted to take a toddler to the movie theater in UK? any age limits? he is 1 yr old 🙂

You should be able to take a toddler to the movies. Although I would be prepared to leave if she/he started to cry uncontrollably.

It depends on your toddler. Most 1 yo can’t sit still that long. But the big screen and loud music can hold their attention for a while. Then again it may bother them. You have to be respectful of the other movie watchers as well. My opinion would be no, don’t take them. But, if your willing to leave if the baby gets to loud, then make plans to do so. If it’s a movie you really want to see, get a baby sitter. Good Luck!!!

can you? yes. should you? no.
most 1 year olds cannot sit still quietly for the entire movie.unless there is a special showtime for moms and tots stay home and wait to rent the movie or find a sitter.
1 is just too young for a movie theatre. my daughter is 2 and will watch a movie straight through at home without getting up.i wouldnt dare take her to a theatre..she would be a tyrant im sure of it.

I am one of those rude people that will tell you and your kid to leave cause youre ruining the movie.

im sure you can take him, but the thing is how does he do at home when you put on a movie does he sit there and watch it or get distracted and not into it?..
my son is now 2 years old and i just recently took him to the movies and he did fine but he enjoys watching movies.

maybe you should try to watch a movie with him at home first and see if he will actually watch it!.

If it’s a kids movie, then yes. But please don’t be one of those people who brings their baby into a movie that is clearly made for adults. There’s nothing worse than watching a movie in the theatre then having a baby cry the whole time and no one take it outside.

that’s fine but have fun trying to keep a one year old still for two hours. I took my eight month old to a movie….worst decision ever! She wiggled, squirmed, giggled, babbled and did everything she could except be quiet and watch the movie. I’ll never do that again!

I would never take a one year old to the movies. He will not be still or be quiet. You’d be taking him out to the lobby and you’d miss half the movie. If you were very lucky he would fall asleep.

i know cineworld do a special young children’s showing on a saturday, but i don’t know about one so young…
I don’t think I’d take a 1 year old, they don’t have the patience and will likely get annoyed and in turn upset everyone else. It’s also a bit too loud and crowded, it could be a bit overwhelming.

If you think your toddler can sit still for 90 minutes with out talking you should be fine.

i don’t know about in the u.k. but you can in the states…i used to take my now 5 year old to movies all the time when he was littler.

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