The Civil War ended when Robert E. Lee surrendered to U. S. Grant at?

A. Appomattox.
B. Cold Harbor.
C. Richmond.
D. Petersburg.


A. Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1965.

Appomattix Court House VA was where Lee surrendered, but not all Confederate armies stopped fighting at that time. Joe Johnston’s army surrendered a couple weeks later near Durham, North Carolina. In the Choctaw Nation in Indian Territory, Gen. Stand Watie was the last Confederate general to surrender in June, 1865.

Appomattox Court House.

The answer to what you have offered is ‘A’ Appomattox. However, it was another 7 weeks before all other Confederate military commands capitulated. Even this was not a total end to the war. Confederate Jefferson Davis wanted the troops dispersed so that the war could continue as guerrilla warfare. At the end he offered this plea to the people of the South: &quot:Relieved from the necessity of guarding the cities and particular points , important but not vital to our defense with our army free to move from point to point, and strike in detail detachments and garrisons of the enemy: operating in the interior of our own country, where supplies are more accessible, and where the foe will be far removed from his own base and cut off from all succor in case of reverse, nothing is now needed to render our triumph certain, but the exhibition of our own unquenchable resolve. Let us but will it and we are free.&quot:

President Jefferson’s plan was feasible from a military point of view, however, General Lee and the other Confederate Generals rejected this plan demonstrating the loss of military will. It was yet some time before President Jefferson was captured.

Appomattax Courthouse

A. The Courthouse at Appomatox

A. Appomatox courthouse.

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