Make up some more characters to go with these Characters?

Dan- Your basic star of the football team, class president, prom king kinda guy, with those clean, American values, etc., etc., etc.

Reuben- That kid that is somehow involved in *everything* and on good terms with *everyone*. All around friendly, boy-next-door type.

Kai- Quiet, Asian girl. Really smart, straight A’s, very big on the arts and sciences.

James- Average, run of the mill student. Nice enough, moderate group of friends, got a future going for him and a nice girlfriend.

Tasia- That kinda crazy girl who *always* sits at the front of the class, hand raised. Really energetic and organized, an overachiever, can get annoying to classmates easily.

Meg- The girl who hangs out with and holds her own around all the guys. Has had a lot of boyfriends, and is very experienced in the more physical areas of relationships. Definitely one to kiss and tell.

Quinn- Head cheerleader, prom queen, blonde, skinny, has got a good future going for her, has clean, American values, most likely dating the Dan type.

Helga- The big, butch, foreign girl with a heavy German accent and a huge mole on her neck. Hangs around the lunch ladies a lot.

Mia- Has a bazillion different colored streaks in her hair, wears ripped jeans, and is obsessed with her guitar and drumset. She’s in a band outside of school and plans on going into the music industry, no matter what.

Melanei- Weird, artsy girl. Usually splattered in some kind of paint or babbling on about her latest project or art show. Van Gogh and Warhol are her idols. Has been known to hang around stoners.

Lauren- On the basketball, softball, and volleyball teams. Has a bunch of sports scholarships lined up. You will rarely find her without some kind of sports gear, equipment, or teammates nearby. Has a bunch of older brothers.

Drew- Stoner. Usually pretty out of it. Says something funny every now and then, but usually keeps to his small group of friends.

Phillip- Theater and choir nerd. Has been acting and singing since he was little and plans on making it to Broadway at some point in his life. Has no shame, willing to do or say just about anything.

Ferb- That kid who almost always seems to have some kind of conspiracy theory or weird experiment going. Own documentaries on just about every hoax you could imagine and explains them to just about anyone who will stay still long enough to listen.

Abby- The nerd. Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel superheroes and just about any franchise cult movie imaginable- you name it, she knows it and lives it. Her life’s goal is to one day manage to get to every single panel at ComicCon.

Cat- The goth girl. Antisocial, pierced, tattooed, and studded. Goes to angsty poetry readings, wears all black and has an uncommon fascination with the occult. Doesn’t hang out with most, if any, of the kids at her school.

Vanessa – Asian chick, pretty cool and smart, hangs out with the Jocks and the Cheerleaders a lot of the times, Good-Looking.

Trevon – African-American, basically a Ghetto dude, 16 years in the projects, and proud of it, knows a lot of Hip-Hop and is amazing at it.

Tiffani – Dumb Blond, a TOTAL Airhead, Mommy and Daddy buy her EVERYTHING a little bit of a whore too.

Dylan – A greedy little nerd. He is a TOTAL teacher’s pet and gets beat up every day because of his annoying, idiotic and arrogant attitude, nobody likes him.

Hadley – A GIRL! Yes, a girl, she is total White Trash, dyed red hair, a Tube top and Daisy Duke shorts, from winter to fall, to summer, Loud-mouthed, annoying and violent, Dylan has a crush on her.

Joseph – The class slacker he is an Art Student.

Janice – A little bit preppy and snobby, a closeted Lesbian, pretty intelligent.

Ken – Mexican-American, and is very cynical about a lot of things in school and whatever he’s told, he has a very sarcastic side too, he’s a left-brainer, and whenever he sees somebody smoke he instantly sees them as less intelligent or a poseur, he thinks they are pathetic little wannabes, just things like that which make him believe such skeptical thoughts about other people.

So, that’s basically it, but maybe you can help with making up some more names, QUANTITY is more important than QUALITY in this game because the person who makes up the MOST characters wins Best Answer! OK?

Good Luck!!

What about… MY MOM!

How about…Shayla? Deaf girl. Nice, but many people aren’t very nice to her or avoid her. Wishes she could be popular like Vanessa but has very few friends. Often depressed.

Shawn- 1/2 African American 1/2 white. Struggles a lot in school but tries to work hard at it. Generally well liked but somewhat quiet. Has a crush on Kai maybe?

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