Is the Corvette the worst-built sports car?… Can you name one that is built worse?

Now I am talking sports cars…exotic, domestic etc…not tuners – which by the way I have seen plenty of Civics that can kill a Vette for a 1/3 the price). Leave price out of it. Is there a worse sports car?

I just test drove an ’07 C6 and personally, I think the Vette has got to be one of the crappiest built cars – ever. Sports car or not, this thing has no better fit/finish than a mini-van. The interior is designed by Rubbermaid, the engineering is farmed-out to foreign designers, wafer thin leather interior will rip if you fart on it.

It is fast off the line and it handles really well…but I prefer that when I am going 85+ the car not perform as if I was in a tornado. The windows rattle and the car shakes as if I am about to burn up in re-entry. Cheap speed or just plain cheap? I am inclined to believe the latter. I can’t think of a worse sports car, can you?

No thanks Chevy, I’ll be keeping my 13-year old NSX.

Any two seat Fiat. (technically a sports car)

let me just start off by giving an unbiased opinion. The corvette is exatly what it is meant to be. A &quot:budget&quot: sports car that performs extremly well. You can’t leave price out when discusing the corvette. If it cost 40 grand more maybe they could have the fit an finish of a mercedes.

I’m not sure exactly what was wrong with the vette you were in but they don’t shake or feel like it’s falling apart at 85. I’ll give you the fact that the interior seems a but cheap and an afterthought. It’s like they designed the car and then designed the interior with the money left over.

It’s well known that NSX owners have a bias against vettes. Not all of them of course, but a lot of them. could it be the fact that the nsx costs so much more than a vette and you get less performance. It’s no wonder you’ll be keeping your nsx, probably because as soon as you drove it off the lot it lost %50 of it’s value. One of the worst depreciation values of any car.
Also keep in mind that the vette is still done on a production line. You can’t say that for many sports cars. It would be remarkable if you got ferrari, mclaren or bugatti fit and finish.

I’ve driven a few Corvettes, and a couple of NSX’s…and I’m a little puzzled by your experience.

Interior styling is a matter of personal preference…if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. However, mechanically, there aren’t ANY cars in the Corvette’s price range that can touch it for outright speed and handling. Perhaps you test-drove one that had been abused?

I particularly enjoyed your statement that you’ve seen &quot:plenty of Civics that can kill a Vette&quot:….

Tune that Honda all you like, but the only way a Civic is going to outrun a C6 Corvette in the quarter mile is if it’s being dropped out of an airplane.

The Vette is the best built sportscar in the world. Where else can you find a true sportscar with a base price of $48000 that can run with or even outrun expensive exotics? Yes, you may have seen civics outrun vettes for a 3rd of the price…Uh, are you stupid? Those civics don’t outrun vettes stock. they probably put so much money in those tuners to outrun a vette. Come out with any civic stock and a stock vette and let’s put some money on this.For all those aftermarket parts on the civic,of course its possible to outrun a stock vette. Not even your NSX can beat a vette.

You just asked this question 6 months ago.

It’s sad that Acura never did anything with the NSX other than some cheesey nose job and a removable roof, then they axed it in the US. Why slow sales because it was gutless and could not compete with the Viper or the Vette. Both cost less than the NSX.

Corvettes are probably the BEST built (production line) &quot:sports&quot: (actually they are built for touring, not sport driving) cars in the world. And I am not a big fan of Chevy either, but I think perhaps you’re overreacting to a bad demo ride. According to JD Powers, something like 90% of ‘Vette owners would buy a new one: that says something about quality…Good luck (and get rid of that NSX – it is a piece of junk!)

Pontiac Fiero is worst. The new Vipers would burn your legs if you put your legs near the door panel. It also burns the sideskirts if you drive hard. I think the only domestic supercar I would buy would be the Ford GT.

A vette just roasted your a*s huh.

do you have any more of what you’ve been smoking? it must be pretty good.

your nuts.

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