POLL: Is this enough for my friend’s birthday present?

For one of my best friend’s 15th birthday, I’ve bought her a purse for ВЈ6 and a card. Is this enough or should I buy her a lipgloss or earrings to go with it?

well i think thats enough, but it depends on how close you are to her. if you are her BEST friend, like best of all best friends, maybe you shoiuld get her something else to go along with it. but if you are just a friend, then that is way too much. think of all the things shes done for you, if shes done a lot, give her a lot for her birthday present, but either way, i think that she will love you even if you got her nothing for her birthday!!

Nah on the the lipgloss or earrings. I think 15 is getting too old for that surprisingly. However, maybe you wanna get something like a new bikini and stuff it in the purse? It is summer after all… If not, though, I think what you have is enough, unless she’s greedy:) Hope I helped!

aw that sounds like a nice gift! it might be a good idea to include a lipgloss or earrings, or maybe even a gift card to a place she really likes? if not, i’m sure she’ll still really like the purse

It might be a good idea to get a cute pair of earrings, or some pretty chapstick/lipgloss to put in the purse, because it’s always nice to get something IN it, but you don’t have too.
it’s the thought that counts anyways.
the purse would be fine by itself. 🙂

I would buy her some Lipgloss and Earrings to go with it. Good luck =)

I think that will be a good present for her. If you want some lipgloss or some other small item like that would be good.

To me a gift isn’t about the amount of things or the amount of money spent…it’s about the thought that went into the gift. I spend a great deal of time picking out a gift for my friends and family. Sometimes I only spend a small amount but it’s something they really love.

if i were u, and it was my best friend, i would get the purse, a card, and a lip gloss and earrings. but only b/c it is my bff. if it is just ur friend a purse a card and lip gloss or earrings. but not just a purse.

well it really depends on the purse, if the purse was a really expensive one then no, but if it is just a cute one thats moderatley cheap then yes maybe some earrings with it or lip gloss or other jewerly-hope you find this helpful!

That should be enough,but maybe buy her a pair of earrings and it will work perfect!

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