Top 5 most underrated players in the NBA?

5. Monta- I think everyone knows he’s about to start putting up A.I. type #s, but he’s still not getting the attention he deserves
4. Travis Outlaw- looked like a mistake to turn pro out of high school early on, but he is starting to turn heads now
3. Jose Calderon- one of the best PGs in the league and rarely gets recognized for it. He isn’t even the definitive starter on his own team.
2. Andre Miller- best PG in the East over the course of the entire season, and he hardly gets recognized. He also gave Chauncey the business in their 1st round matchup
1. Tayshaun Prince- how is he not an All-Star yet?

it’s not these guys:

-Devin Harris was traded for Jason Kidd—the greatest PG of this era!
-Hedo Turkoglu was the MIP
-Roy was ROY and an All-Star
-The Matrix is the best player to ever be traded for Shaq (that’s why it only took one more player this time).
-David West was an All-Star

Baron Davis was close, but it was a coin flip between him and Roy for that last All-Star wildcard spot this season, and Roy’s team was playing better at the time.

1) monte ellis (warriors)
2) booby gibson (cavs)
3) al horford (hawks)
4) lamar odom (lakers)
5) barbosa (suns)

Oberto. I wish the spurs had a better starter, but that kid sure does get beat for what little credit he gets.

david west
tony parker.

tayshaun prince!!!!

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