Is it safe to run Air Conditioners during thunderstorms?

I usually shut them all off during a storm, but I was wondering what the dangers are of running Air Conditioners during thunderstorms.

The only danger is to the Air Conditioner, it is the same idea as electronics getting hurt, only less likely. The thing that could happen is the engine being shorted out during a surge in power, but it would make no difference on whether or not it is turned on, as it is still connected to the power system unless it is unplugged. I guess electricity could be drawn through ducts but there would be no difference in whether the unit is on or off

HVAC Tech.: I even have made a mint from people who leave the unit on for the duration of electric powered storms. electric powered boards get knocked out, however the great merchandise is the compressors. those little short power outages the place the ability comes superb back on can kill a compressor. that’s attempting to restart against finished head rigidity. It do no longer are conscious of it can’t so it in basic terms keeps on attempting till it burns some thing out, frequently itself. If lighting fixtures hits the ability lines it FRIES each situation it is grew to become on. shop money turn them (freezer icebox)OFF till the Thunder is long previous.

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