Potty training my almost 3 year old boy?

My In laws have been extremely harsh on my son to potty train (even threatening to spank him if he goes in his diaper) because he will be 3 next month but even his daycare says he’s not quite ready. I’m soo sick of the way they treating both him and me. They act like I’m lazy for not making him sit on the toilet when everything I’ve seen says not to force it. Am I doing something wrong? I realize that 3 is a little old to be in a diaper, but I have tried it their way and it only seemed to make him not want to even be near the toilet. Before they started this he was using the toilet 1-2 times a day, and now not at all. So frustrating. Any tips on how to make the process easier? How do ideal with my in laws overstepping their boundaries without upsetting my husband?

Well, let me first say i understnad how your feeling on the in-laws.I have been dealing with mean in-laws from day 1!And my nephew just turned 3 and our whole family pressured my sister very bad!Not so harsh on my nephew but i felt bad that people were looking at my sister wrong bc of it. but about a week before he turned 3 my brother-in-law sent my sister off for a girls day and Just stayed on my nephew all day (not being mean though)But asked him every few minute &quot:you need to potty?&quot: and by the end of the day it was by-bye to diapers! and he didnt even wet the bed that night!But he is still afraid of the toilet in a way.the size is intimidating lol.But my mother bought him a mqueen potty and it worked awesome!Good luck hope i was some help!

My son was also 3 and still in a diaper BUT I got him potty trained in about a month and a half!!! i got him a potty seat and I put it in the living room and made him sit on it about every hour. The ONLY time I let him wear a diaper was when he went to bed. During the day he wore big boy underwear because I figured, if he pees on his self and sees what happens, he’s not going to want pee running down his leg. Yes he did pee in his big boy underwear and yes it did get on the floor but he was getting the hang of what he was supposed to do and the purpose of the potty in the living room was so he could be entertained while trying to potty or poop. I wanted to make the experience as pleasing for him as possible but it worked. Hope this helps!!!!

It’s ok! My parents told me I was potty trained at 3 and my sister too. My littlest sister who is 1 and a half, is already potty trained. Crazy huh? All kids are ready at their own age… If they’re not potty trained by 5 or 6, then I’m not sure whats wrong. Buy underwear for encourage meant, or give him a treat if he &quot:does his business&quot: on the toilet (not literally).

Here are two matters that labored for us whilst potty coaching our son whilst he was once close to three years historical. a million–Rewards!!! We could supply him a million M&amp:M at any time when he went peepee at the potty. We could supply him three M&amp:M’s at any time when he went poopoo at the potty. When he received worn out of M&amp:M’s as rewards, we used stickers, then different sweets. two–We could attempt to watch his hobbies. We spotted that close to every day, he could poop approximately 30-forty five mins after breakfast. Also, approximately two mins earlier than he could begin pooping, he could make a &quot:grunting&quot: face. As quickly as he could make that face, we could RUN to the potty and he could move at the potty. Watch your son rather rather carefully and notice if he makes a few kind of signal earlier than he truthfully begins pooping. The strolling to the potty made it form of a laugh for him too. Hope that is helping!

take him out to buy some underwear that he will be excited to wear. i did my girl at 2 but i think you shoud when they are ready… forcing him will only make it worse.

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