What do I do when neighbor gave nicer Christmas gifts?

My neighbor came and gave my husband and I and my daughter Christmas gifts yesterday. I had gotten her something too. Mine was A LOT less. In fact, it was a homemade gift for her and a small gift for her daughter. What she got us was ultra nice and got my daughter 5 things! We haven’t spent too much time together this year (haven’t seen her since the kids went Trick or Treating) so I thought I did the right thing. Now I feel guilty. Is it tacky to give another gift or should I let it go?

It would be tacky to now get another gift. Now just remember you should be giving a gift because you want to and to show appreciation towards the person – the price should not matter. You give what you can and what you feel is appropriate.

Maybe she can afford to spend more on people and she enjoys it. Saying a heart felt thank you is all that is needed when a gift is given.

Just let it go. If she is a good person, she will just appreciate that you took the time to make a gift for her and also to give a gift to her daughter.

Sine you’ve gotten a gift and I’m sure it will be a hassle getting another, how about you get a nice card and write a little heartfelt note inside and tell her of your pleasant surprise about the gifts.

Don’t give her another gift. I think, since you haven’t seen them since Halloween, you gave her a good present.

Just say &quot:thank you.&quot:

If she’s giving you a more expensive present because she’s a nice person, that’s all you need to do.

If she’s giving you a more expensive present to show off or to impress you, she’s not worth your worry.

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