My six year old cat attacks my new 4 month old kitten?

My older cat is a female and the new kitten is a male. How do i teach the older one to get along with the kitten? [please help]

This is the same question that is being asked over and over and over again on Yahoo Answers. I really wish someone would read the answer!!!!!!

How did you introduce the kitten to your older cat? If you simply took the kitten home and put them together, this is why you have a problem. You should take a step backwards and separate them. Keep the kitten in a room of its own for a few days. Make sure it has everything in the room that it needs. Whilst it is in its own room you should do some scent marking. Take a clean cloth and wipe it around the face of your kitten (where it’s scent glands are): then rub the same cloth around the face of your cat. Whilst you are doing this, put down something tasty for your cat to eat so that she associates the scent of the kitten as a good thing because she is getting a treat. After a few days you should start to carry the kitten around with you and, again, when you carry her into the room where your cat is, put down some more treats. Eventually you can start to leave the door of the kitten’s room open so that he can wander out. When you see the two of them together, it’s treat time again! If you see any sign of an impending fight, try to distract your cat by playing with rod toys (never hands which are for stroking and giving treats only).

Whilst the kitten is separated from your cat, plug in some Feliway diffusers in the areas they are likely to meet, such as kitchen, hallway, etc. These will calm and reassure your older cat.

Please make sure you have separate litter facilities for both cats and cosy places for them to get away from each other if they want to. Also, please don’t do what some people will tell you and just chuck them in a room together and let them get on with it: these are the people who in a few months time will be asking why their cats are peeing/pooing/spraying everywhere!

Good luck.

Cat Attacks Kitten

imagine what you would feel like if after being the only child in a home your parents suddenly turn up with a cute little baby they give all the attention to the new baby and you get sidelined a bit they should have prepared you for this event then spend a lot of time making you realise that you are still important to them they set aside time for you perhaps when baby is a sleep then introduce you gradually to the new baby, —the point I am making is you should have prepared the way for the introduction of the kitten to a fully grown male cat this takes a great deal of committed efoort from you, do not let the kitten be bullied by the much larger male but make 100% sure your tom feels you still love him make sure the kitten can get away from the tom I have taken in several strays both toms and queens over the past few years and each time it takes time and effort especially when there is an age diff or a sex diff. persevere it will be wonderful in the end.

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I had the same thing. We took in a little stray and lo and behold as we saw she had come with baggage. So she had four kittens we kept two and gave two away. However she was a great mama until they were about six months or so then all hell broke loose. We got her fixed and we got the kittens done when they were old enough. She still has an attitude towards them, but it has calmed down a bit now, I would get her fixed and perhaps get loving homes for as many as the kittens as u can. Things should calm down there will still be the odd hoorays, but that is mostly territorial. Good luck

That happened to my pets too. And I think the main cause of the attacks are because your older cat is jealous of your new cat.
Adives I got from my vet: You should make sure that you are treating your older cat with better care and love than the newer cat. Your new kitten may be cuter, but you still need to love your old cat more. Like for example, always feed your old cat first and then your kitten second.
Hope this helps! 🙂
If you have more questions, you can contact me if you want.

Keep them separated. Put the new kitten into a room, and keep him there. Let the other cat sniff around the door so she can get used to the kitten, then gradually give them time together. If things get bad, separate them again. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to get them used to each other. However, there are some cases where the cats never end up getting along.

I would just try to keep an eye on them when you can, make sure it doesn’t get too rough. Our cat was about that age when she was fighting our 4 year old, but soon the kitten was able to be just as rough back. Just don’t let them be too hard on each other.

Not only do you need to give your old cat a lot of love, but she has to get used to the new one, and relate him with good things (mammals learn by idea association).

For example, you could give them food on each side of a door. That way, when each cat is eating, they’ll smell the other one, (but they won’t see each other), and they will associate that smell with something good: food. This kind of tricks really work.

Your cat may have gotten a little jealous and feels &quot:left out.&quot: Cats are very territorial animals. Your older cat views the new arrival as an intruder into her space.

We used to have three cats total: my two cats which we’ve had for probably 7 years now, and a smaller cat that my mother adopted when it appeared as a stray around our house. His name was Pipsqueak.

One of my cats, Bugar, absolutely despised Pipsqueak: it took her about a year to get used to him. I think Bugar was afraid that I didn’t love her anymore. I didn’t love her any less when Pipsqueak came around: he was technically mom’s cat. Bugar would chase him, pounce on him, and hiss at him. One day, she was chasing him through the house and then downstairs, mom heard one of them yell. She went downstairs to investigate and found out that Bugar had bloodied Pipsqueak’s nose. Bugar’s brother, Nerd, didn’t mind Pipsqueak: in fact their relationship was the opposite. Pipqueak loved picking on Nerd. It was funny to watch because Nerd is full grown and almost 30 pounds: Pipsqueak was full grown and 5 pounds if he was lucky. Nerd would actually haul *** and hide from him HAHA.

Your two will get used to each other eventually. It’s not going to happen over night obviously. I would only separate them if you feel one of them may get hurt. As kitten gets older, she’ll learn to defend herself if needed.

Just give it time, they’ll get used to each other eventually. It’s better not to intervene unless you think the kitten is going to get injured.

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